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Finding Fulfillment in Life

“Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature.” This quote from philosopher Marcus Aurelius reminds us of an essential truth about finding fulfillment in life: If you’re seeking fulfillment, start with what matters to you.

You might be surprised that seniors are more likely to feel fulfilled than other demographics. Research demonstrates that those over 65 have a more stable and optimistic take on life than those in their twenties! If you’re not sure how to keep finding fulfillment in your life during your golden years, it’s time to learn about the three keys to fulfillment.

What Are the Keys to Finding Fulfillment in Life?

Becoming a senior can bring many changes into your life, from shifts in your employment status to a move into a new community. To navigate these changes successfully and get the most out of life as a senior, researchers have identified three critical psychological resources to rely on:

  • Identity, or your sense of yourself. Who are you, and what gives you a sense of self?
  • Relationships, or the people you are connected to. Who is important to you, and how do you intentionally build those connections?
  • Purpose, or the things that matter to you. What matters the most to you, and how are you a part of it?

To keep finding fulfillment in life as a senior, it’s essential to understand these resources and actively build them for yourself. So, how can you do that?

Develop Your Sense of Self

A strong understanding of yourself and what you contribute to the world is essential to finding fulfillment. There are plenty of ways you can maintain a sense of identity as a senior:

  • If working is integral to your identity, you don’t have to retire. Consider a part-time position or look for other ways to stay involved.
  • Work can be important, but your hobbies and leisure time activities are also a part of your identity. Take pride in those things and share them with others.
  • Seek new roles that can contribute to your sense of identity. For example, many seniors find meaning in returning to school or becoming a community volunteer.

Building Healthy Relationships

A strong sense of self is essential to finding meaning in life, but your relationships with others are also crucial. Focusing on developing strong bonds with the people you care about will naturally lead to fulfillment:

  • Look for new ways to connect to people in your community. You can try taking a class, joining an ongoing community activity like a book club, or even using an app!
  • Take intentional time each day to reach out to friends and family. Apps like Zoom and social media can make contact easier over long distances.
  • Cultivate positive feelings about your relationships with others. Focus on gratitude and appreciation.

Understanding Your Purpose

Having a purpose in life is the final key to finding fulfillment as a senior. How can you understand your purpose and make it a part of your everyday life?

  • Think about what you’re drawn to. Do you love to be creative? Do you live to help others? Let your passions guide you.
  • Take some time to reflect on your values. How can you live according to them?
  • Consider what kind of legacy you want to leave the world. What do you want to be remembered for?


If you’re looking for fulfillment in life, a supportive senior community can be a great place to start. Visit us at Hearthside Senior Living and see for yourself.

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