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Testimonials – Collierville, TN

Resident Testimonials

As you may recall, on January 17, 2022, we moved my mother, Erin Burgess, into the Hearthside assisted living community on Wolf River Blvd. in Collierville. To say that we have been satisfied or impressed by the facility and staff so far would be a gross understatement.

From the very minute we brought my mother onto the premises, not only was she made to feel welcome as a community member, but the attention from staff has been exemplary. Having been actively employed in the public and private sector, military, and law enforcement for over 40 years, I recognize excellence and am able to easily discern from temporary ‘good service’ when an organization exposes themselves to you initially.

The process of doing the paperwork for residency could not have been easier. From our beginning conversations, you as the facility director went out of your way to answer every question we had, despite being relatively new to the facility yourself. One of my key recollections from our conversations was asking difficult questions and on a couple of occasions hearing you say, “I’m not sure, but I can get the answer to you quickly on that.” And you DID – in every case. In my experience, it takes a very brave and competent person to do that. So many are afraid to – and they answer with what you want to hear and live with the fallout later. Additionally, you are and have been, a superb communicator – despite not being able to be in the facility when you were working from home, COVID positive. Questions I sent you via text message were nearly always answered in less than 10 minutes – I cannot remember the last time I could depend one hundred percent of the time on any person in any organization to that degree. For that, you have my gratitude.”


“Each and every one of these ladies and gentlemen has bent over backwards to make my mother’s first few days not only bearable but actually enjoyable. My mother is extremely satisfied with the staff as well – and she is a 99-year-old woman with very high expectations, who frequently uses the expression, “Well, I can remember when they wouldn’t have done things this way …” I haven’t heard her say anything like this since her residency began. Each of these staff members should be commended for the fine work they are doing for the community. I don’t recall which staff member it was, but one of them had been with Hearthside for over ten years. My wife was amazed, as she has extensive experience interacting with nursing homes and assisted living environments. She assured me that was the exception rather than the rule and my takeaway from this is that Hearthside not only takes care of its residents but apparently offers a working environment which enables staff to enjoy what they do. Bravo, Hearthside!


I like: Transportation to the doctor, friendly residents and staff, and serving appetizing meals.


I have loved the home here very much. All have been kind here. I have been here over a year and enjoyed it very much. All of the leaders here have helped me greatly.


Great facility and décor, courteous and friendly staff, good breakfast, staff responsive to needs, good medical facilities nearby, located in great town.


I am treated with understanding and care, regardless of how trivial my needs. I truly appreciate the loving attention.


I thank God every day for this place. Everything I need is here. Everyone who works here makes me feel at home.


I haven’t been here long, but it is like home away from home. Friends, companionship, and good food.


Everyone is so nice and friendly. The staff really cares for you.


I like that the staff is so friendly and helpful.


I am thankful to have this year with my husband Gilbert. I am free to just enjoy being together. I love meeting new people and having new friendships.


The availability of information and probability of solving problems and punctuality of time with service. Open mindedness of needed changes of all activities and services. The neat appearance of building on inside and outside, cleanliness of the facility internally and private apartments. Staff accessible everyday for our needs and necessities.


They make our lives so comfortable and enjoyable. Everyone is so sensitive and compassionate to us. All of our necessary needs are done for us.


I love living at Hearthside Senior Living! It’s the next best thing to being home. Your screening of employees and residents is superb, everyone seems so nice and compatible. I can come out and enjoy being with people or lounge in my room, it is my choice. I enjoy the food and don’t have to cook, my room is kept neat and clean, I don’t have to do it! The director seems to enjoy his job as do most employees. Thanks for everything.


I felt immediately “at home” coming here and have enjoyed talking to the other ladies. I was a little nervous about leaving Alabama and coming to Hearthside Senior Living, but I felt “at home” immediately. Thanks to you and the residents.


I am more than well pleased with the service. It’s more than outstanding every day. In fact I can’t think of a thing I’d change. Keep up the outstanding service. I hope you will let the outstanding personnel know just how much we appreciate their service.


I like the people who work here. It’s a lovely place and I belong here, and am happy here.


I believe you make us feel comfortable in a “home” atmosphere given our individual problems. Your staff has been very helpful and courteous. I enjoy the different “programs” you present so that we can realize even though we may not be at home, you do all you can to make us feel “at home.


My husband died last August and then I was alone. I was living by myself with a sitter and I didn’t like that. I didn’t feel like I needed her to be with me. My daughter was asking what I wanted to do and that’s when we came here for a tour. When she brought me to Hearthside Senior Living, I knew this was where I wanted to be. My children all live in Collierville so they are close. I got here and I love the place. The atmosphere and the people are wonderful. I sleep so well here.


I am very satisfied with Hearthside Senior Living. I am particularly pleased with the staff. They all treat me with respect and go out of their way to take care of me.


You meet a lot of nice people and I’ve made some good friends. Everybody is really accommodating if you need anything done especially for you. Our Activity Director is extremely unique and she plans very different kinds of activities. There is something going on all the time.


There are so many things I like and enjoy here at Hearthside Senior Living. My life has been so enriched by all the precious new friends I have made here. I enjoy all the wonderful and helpful personnel. I do so appreciate having meals cooked and served; laundry done and my room cleaned. It is so wonderful to live in such a beautiful home!!


Staff Testimonials

I am the Director of Health and Wellness at Hearthside Senior Living of Collierville. I enjoy working at Hearthside Senior Living because of the family environment. My fellow co-workers and myself are like a loving, big family. I enjoy getting to know our residents and helping them and their family members manage their healthcare needs. We get to know our residents on a personal level. The intimate care we provide is what makes Hearthside Senior Living feel like home. I love being a part of our residents on a daily basis. I enjoy the happy, healthy smiles on our residents faces.


I am a Resident Assistant at Hearthside Senior Living. I enjoy working at Hearthside Senior Living because taking care of the residents. I love making them happy and when they tell me thank you for all I do.


I am a Resident Assistant at Hearthside Senior Living of Collierville. I enjoy working here because it’s like working with friends and family. Each day I look forward to coming to work because the atmosphere is light and upbeat. I work closely with the residents every day and I have grown to love them like family. I am able to leave work feeling 100% fulfilled and good about myself because I know that I was able to make a residents life easier in some way.


I am a Activities Director at Hearthside Senior Living of Collierville. One of the biggest blessings of my job happens in the evening when I assist our residents with their bedtime routine. I like encouraging them to have a restful night sleep but as they get tucked into the bed, they end up encouraging me – with a prayer, and encouraging work or a precious smile that reminds me of my grandmother.


I am the Medical Secretary for Hearthside Senior Living of Collierville. I work with an amazing group of caring people. We care about the residents and they care about us. We’re going to laugh each day and hopefully we make the residents laugh as well.


I am the Maintenance Director at Hearthside Senior Living of Collierville. When I first came to work at Hearthside Senior Living, I had never worked in this type of environment before. I quickly realized how demanding and rewarding this job could be. Demanding because the residents look to you for all of their maintenance needs, and rewarding because of the wonderful atmosphere our residents give us. I enjoy helping our residents whether it be with changing a light bulb, hanging pictures, or adjusting their room temperatures. I look forward to helping them anyway I can.


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