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Daily Activities – Collierville, TN

Senior Friends Having Scones

We have a lot of fun and we make a lot of friends!

A wide variety of activities are available for you. They are designed to meet your individual interests through a specially developed program which maintains physical well-being, stimulates mental alertness and promotes socialization and spirituality.

We encourage all our residents to participate in as many social activities as possible, and we love when families and friends join in on the fun. Our Activities Director plans and supervises group events in the community and outside visits to places of interest.

Monthly events include a community wide birthday celebration and if the month has a holiday that needs to be celebrated, we always celebrate with fun events and food that reflect the holiday. Family participation is encouraged for all activities but especially our holiday celebrations! Come see how the Activities Director and Chef make each holiday an experience to be shared and enjoyed! Exercising in the mornings keeps our residents fit and physically engaged. We even have a professional exercise trainer that specializes in working out with seniors that comes every week. Minds and creativity are shaped with educational programs from our local Fire Department informing, educating, and reminiscing about “ old Collierville”, and Professor Matt Meads keeps us engaged with points of interests on current and past topics. Glass Art, jewelry making, and painting are just some of the ways our residents express their creative side.

Our warm and cozy lobby invites conversations between residents allowing them to reflect on past memories and letting them connect and feel to fill through shared experiences. Music is a huge part of monthly fun, and there are musical groups and entertainers that come into the building feeling our souls with joy. Of course, we make time for games, movies, and even manicures!

Getting outside the community for fun happens several times through out the week, and can include shopping, going out to a local restaurant, seeing the latest movie, or a trip to the outstanding Collierville library. Quite reflection times are provided as well with local churches having service for our residents, and devotional time is always part of our monthly activities. Please come join one of our activities! We love when families and friends visit, and our residents so enjoy when local school children come by to share their day!

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