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Alcoholic beverages are not prohibited in the individual apartments. Moderation is encouraged. Judgment related to safety and moderation is at the discretion of the individual client. Proper community etiquette including being respectful of others is imperative. Each individual should consult independently with their physician or pharmacist about the possibility of medication interactions with alcohol.

If you need assistance with the scheduling of appointments please contact the Community Director. Employees are available to escort you to local scheduled appointments.

Upon move-in our Community Director, in conjunction with the other members of the team, will review and evaluate you medical, physical, spiritual, intellectual, leisure and emotional needs. These assessments will be completed periodically throughout your stay. Any change in your condition will be used as a tool to help us guide interventions to benefit your well being. The goal is to encourage independence within the community environment.

All clients are provided equal services. We have adopted a “no tipping” policy at the community. Providing tips or gifts could create a detrimental situation for the morale of the clients and employees. Our employees are instructed not to accept tips or gifts from clients or families.Sometimes, people may wish to provide a nominal, discreet departmental gift at Christmas or other appropriate times as an expression of appreciation for good will for services. Such gifts are not encouraged, but may be accepted if used to the benefit of the entire department.

Beautician and Barber services are available in our beauty salon. A price list for service is available at the beauty salon. Payment to the beautician is required by the client at the time of services.

In an environment based on mutual respect, we anticipate your appropriate behavior toward other clients and employees at all times. There will be no physical or verbal abuse tolerated! If, for any reason, that does occur, immediate steps will be taken to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the other clients and our employees.

The opportunity to wear clothing that is personal, comfortable and familiar is important to one’s identity. We encourage you to dress appropriately and to be active in as many programs as possible. Washable personal clothing is suggested. When deciding on clothing, please consider the available space for storage.

All of us in the community want to build a base of trust with you. To this end, our mutual success is dependent on good communication. We encourage you, your family members, friends and any responsible representatives to register concerns or request clarification on any questions you or they may have.It is the responsibility of the client to report to the Community Director any changes in needs including changes in medical condition, medications, Advanced Directive status.

Daily private companions are permitted, however, the use of such individuals must be discussed in advance with, and approved by the Community Director. Companions may be required to have back ground checks.

Your records are kept confidential as stated in the “Lease Agreement”. Your records are limited to use by employees on a “need to know basis”. Should you be transferred, pertinent information will be forwarded to the health care facility in order to assure continuity of care. You will be asked to sign a release of information form for the community, so you can authorize release of information to places of your choosing. You may review your record at any time.

Transportation to your dentist’s office can be arranged by contacting the Community Director.

All meals are prepared by our Dining Services Employees under the guidance of our Community Director. Our menus have been reviewed and approved by a Registered Dietitian. We can comply with most basic modified diets. Please consult with the Community Director specific needs. We encourage the least possible restrictive diet. Food preferences are always considered.We encourage you to dine in the dining room. Meal times are as follows: Breakfast 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Lunch 12:00 Noon – 1:00 p.m. Dinner 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Evening snacks are also available. If you are planning to dine out on a particular day, you should notify the Community Director as soon as possible. Visitors may dine as your guest in the dining room, for a modest charge. It is requested however, that reservations be made at least two (2) hours in advance.

A DVD player is available with the community television. Movie favorites will be shown regularly for client viewing. You may also bring a VCR or DVD player with your own television for use in your room.

We request, when possible, that financial paperwork be completed prior to move in. An advance deposit is required as stated in the lease agreement, depending on the apartment you choose to lease. This advanced deposit will hold the select apartment you have chosen for seven (7) days. Upon move-in to the community, rent payment must be made for the remainder of the month. Monthly payments are due at the first of the month for the coming month. After move in the advance deposit will convert to your non-refundable apartment deposit. This deposit will be used for apartment repairs during the course of your stay. This deposit is nonrefundable.At the time of move-in you will be given a copy of the “Lease Agreement”. The Community Director, the Client and or the responsible party are subject to the conditions as specified in the “Lease Agreement” and supplemental documents signed during the move-in process. Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on any item you do not understand.Billing statements are sent out three days before the end of each month. Payment is preferred on the first of the month. If payment is not received arrangements need to be made with the Community Director. Timely payment is encouraged. Failure to remit monthly fees on a timely basis within 7 days from the first of the month may result in a delinquency fee. The billing statement contains charges for monthly apartment usage. Room and Board services are billed for the month in advance.

Food items in the apartment kitchenettes are expected. Proper storage to prevent spoilage is encouraged. Before you receive any food items, please consider the possibility of spoilage and ensure that a sealed, labeled, and dated container is available. Kitchenettes will be expected to be maintained neatly with food items sealed to prevent spoilage or smells. Staff may assist with deep cleaning weekly in your apartment area. Please keep spills on countertops, refrigerators, and microwaves cleaned if you are able to do so.

It is the responsibility of the client to provide furnishings for rooms. Rooms are spacious to allow for plenty of room for personal home furnishing to be used. Minimal furnishings for short term stays can be rented if available and advance notice is given.

Please discuss all concerns with the facility Community Director. This will enable us to properly respond timely and/or assist you. If you feel your concerns are not being resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the Division of Aging’s office. These phone numbers are posted in the community for your convenience. All grievances will be kept confidential. The community will practice timely response to grievances as according to community written policy.

Special holiday meals will be served at the noon meal on major holidays and a light meal served in the evening. Reservations for holiday meals are required 72 hours in advance. Guest fees for holiday meals will be posted.

From time to time clients need home care services which the community employees may not administer. We believe that you should be afforded the opportunity to receive care in the comfort of your home whenever possible. Should you feel that you need home care services there are local providers that provide these services. The selection of these care providers are at the client’s discretion.

Some clients prefer to make their own beds and straighten their own rooms and personal items. While there is no obligation for you to do this, we encourage such activities. This provides some exercise but more importantly may be helpful in fostering independence and a feeling of self-worth. If you desire or need assistance, our employees will be responsible for making beds and keeping clients rooms clean. A daily trash pick up schedule of each room is given with a weekly deep cleaning and linen change routine.Rooms requiring more frequent cleaning visits will be coordinated by the Community Director.

There are some insurance companies that offer benefits for senior living services. You should discuss this payment option with your insurance agent and the Community Director, who will provide the required documentation for you to bill your insurance company.In all cases, you are ultimately responsible for charges should any insurance company determine your claim ineligible. A photocopy of your Medicare card, Social Security card, and Health Insurance card, if applicable, will be made for community files upon occupancy.

Client laundries have been provided for individual clients to do their own laundry if they have delicate items they do not want the staff to wash. Otherwise staff will be assigned scheduled days to assist you with your laundry needs. Laundry done for the client will be done individually for each client. Due to the many fabric blends, we cannot guarantee garments to be free of damage from the laundry process.If family members prefer doing your personal laundry please notify the Community Director.Dry cleaning services may be arranged and handled by our employees with local cleaning companies. You will be responsible for the cost of this service.

From time to time you may leave your apartment on outside outings during the day or overnight stays. Please notify the Community Director regarding your leave of absence. A sign in and out book is available for your convenience. Please register on your individual sign-out sheet near the office. The full daily rate will be charged for any days or nights spent outside of the community.

You will receive delivered mail daily immediately upon arrival of the mail to the community. Assistance will be provided to read or send mail if such help is needed. Mail should be addressed to the community address with your name and room number. Outgoing mail may be placed in the Community Mail Box.

Any requests for maintenance should be directed to the community staff, who will notify the Community Director or other appropriate employee. Emergencies will be given top priority. Other needs will be addressed within 48 hours during weekdays.

Before admission the Community Director and Director of Health and Wellness will evaluate your needs related to medication management. If arranged, the staff will periodically review your abilities to continue self-medication. All clients will either be allowed to self-administer medications in their room as long as safely stored and resident remains compliant with self administration. Preferably, medications will be stored for you in the medication room and assistance/administration will be given to guide you with taking your medicine as scheduled. We encourage all medications to be clearly marked and in a facility approved administration system.

There is no distinction in eligibility for move in to the community. All clients are treated the same without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or religious creed. This nondiscrimination policy also applies to our community employees, physicians, and other network agencies.Your accommodations are selected commensurate with their needs as determined by the clients, their physician, and family desires, whenever possible, and our well-trained employees. An initial needs assessment will provide guidance during this process.

The Community reserves the right to arrange for your move out when your condition, in our judgment, requires service which we cannot provide, or when your conduct is detrimental to other clients. Written notice will be provided to you and/or your responsible party in accordance with the “Lease Agreement”. A thirty day written notice will be provided to you. The Community Director will be glad to assist you with further placement as the need arises. You may be transferred to a hospital when considered medically necessary by your physician. The individual listed as emergency contact will be notified of such a transfer as soon as possible.If you plan to move out of the facility, please follow the lease agreement move out guidelines for facility notification. Before leaving the community, you or your responsible party must go to the business office to resolve any unpaid account. There is always the possibility of a delayed bill for last minute charges. Such delayed statements will be mailed at the regular monthly cycle following your move out. If you are due a refund, the business office will complete this transaction as per the lease agreement refund policy.

A newsletter is distributed regularly to you and your family (if requested) containing a schedule of events at the community, recognition of clients and employees, Community Council meetings and reports, etc. If you wish to contribute an article, contact the Community Director.

You or a responsible party may make arrangements for delivery of local newspapers to the community. If you wish, the Community Director may also assist you. You or your responsible party will be responsible for the payment for newspaper and/or magazine subscriptions/deliveries.

Our business office is open to serve you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Community Director is always available 24 hours a day in case of emergency. The employees will be able to assist you if this need would arise. The staff at the community will gladly assist you with any office assistance that you may need.Staff will be available 24 hours a day to answer your emergency and routine needs.

Apartments are to be furnished by the client. We encourage rooms being arranged in a home like atmosphere thus we encourage bring pictures, plants and small personal items for your room. Our employees will be glad to assist you during your move in period.

We request that valuables not be left in your room. The community will provide temporary storage of jewelry and other valuables until your responsible party can arrange to remove this property from the community. The Community will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property.

To maintain optimum health, you are encouraged to bathe at least 2 times weekly, and more often when necessary or if desired. Employees will assist you as needed. We request that you maintain good personal hygiene and wear clean clothing.

We recognize that pets may be an important part in the life of a client, and separation may have negative reactions. Certain pet relationships may be permitted to continue in the community. However, the community does not permit dogs, wild or exotic animals, ferrets, turtles, or cats less than four months of age. Clients must always be capable of caring for their pets. In the event a pet dies, we request that it not be replaced. Pet requests must be reviewed and approved by the Community Director. Specific rules and requirements have been established and will be reviewed prior to admission if you have an interest in keeping a pet in your apartment. A non-refundable pet deposit is required. Pets are required to have health records and current vaccination records that are kept in the Wellness office with annual physicals.

The relationship of client to physician is important. A pre-admission physical and annual thereafter is required during your stay. The staff will be glad to assist you with dialing the phone if needed so you can communicate your needs with your physician. If you need assistance with local transportation to your physician office please notify the Community Director.

Your privacy is very important. No client or employee is permitted to enter your room, or permitted to open closets, drawers, or touch anything that does not belong to them unless invited to do so. Staff will respect privacy and knock prior to entering apartments.

These services are directed toward assisting you to achieve and maintain your highest level of self-care, independent functioning, and ambulation. You can arrange if needed through a contracted provider a full complement of services to meet your needs. Charges are the responsibility of the client and are not part of the community fee and are provided from local vendors in your community. Treatments ordered by your physician may include physical, occupational and speech therapy, laboratory-x-ray, podiatry, and dental care. These services for home health programs are at the discretion of the client and family.

The religious practices of all clients are respected. You are encouraged to participate in the religious services of your choice or attend services offered in the community. Local clergy are encouraged to visit those of their congregation or religious denomination. Quiet areas for meditation are available off of some of the larger common areas. Religious services are scheduled through the Activities Department.

Client Rights are specifically stated through State law. You and/or a responsible party will be given a copy and explanation of these rights prior to move-in, and will be asked to sign an acknowledgment. These will be posted for easy reference.

Your room is equipped with an emergency system to call for assistance. Call pendants and/or call buttons are available in bedrooms and bathroom settings.Community fire and disaster drills are held on a regular basis. Our employees, clients and visitors are asked to take part in the drills and to be familiar with the safety procedures and location of exits.Schematics are posted at various locations throughout the building showing your location and the nearest exits.Our fire alarm system includes fire extinguishers strategically located throughout the community; a sprinkler system and smoke detectors are located in all common areas and client rooms. Most facilities are steel constructed buildings. A security alarm system is installed on all corridor exterior exit doors.Personal grooming items such as electric hair dryers, curling irons, shavers, and toothbrushes are permitted in your rooms. Electric coffee pots, toasters, hot plates, electric blankets, heating pads and extension cords are not recommended. Special exceptions can be made with prior authorization from the Community Director.

Extension cords if used must be U.L. Rated. We suggest Surge Protectors U.L rated only be used for extension purposes. Pigtail or multiple items plugged into one socket will not be authorized.

Only U.L trash cans may be used in apartments. Woven baskets, plastic trash receptacles are not authorized items throughout the community.

Our doors will be locked between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Please use the doorbell to gain access during those times. Exterior keys can be available through the Community Director.

The Community will be a smoke free building. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas outside of the building. This applies to all clients, families, visitors and employees. Smoking is not authorized in apartment units.

We recognize that social and family gatherings are important to you, and we encourage them. If you wish to utilize the private dining room and/or wish a catered party, please contact the Community Director. We will be glad to help arrange the event for you.

Specific questions about Social Security benefits should be directed to your local Social Security Administration office. The Community Director may be able to assist with questions also.

If you require a wheelchair, walker, or other assistive device you may either purchase your own equipment or we will assist you in making arrangements to rent equipment. Additional non-refundable room deposits will be required for clients utilizing electric wheelchairs. This is due to the higher maintenance issues that occur from extra wear and tear on doorways, carpet and painted wall areas. Personally owned wheelchairs or walkers must be marked with your name prior to moving in, be in good repair, and be maintained as needed by your family or responsible party.

Telephone access is available in your apartment. You will be responsible for all charges related to your own personal phone. You are requested to bring your own phones to the community. A telephone in the business area is also available for your use and visitor’s use, if needed. If assistance is needed an employee will assist you in placing calls if needed. In consideration of others, we ask that you limit your use of community phones to five minutes. For budget purposes only local calls are authorized.Special arrangements with the Community Director can be made if long distance calls need to be made on the public phone.

Local scheduled transportation to appointments such as physician, dentist, etc. may be arranged by contacting the Community Director. These services will be provided on designated days. Please schedule your appointments on these days. Transportation on other days will be provided based on availability.Group transportation for shopping and activity outings will be published in the Activity Calendar. No charge will be incurred for these expenses. Transportation that is not local is evaluated on a case-by-case basis for posted fees.

If you are ill and unable to dine in the Dining Room, you may request a tray. Please contact the Dietary Supervisor to make arrangements. Meal dining is strongly encouraged. Room tray services is restricted to sick days only.

Visitors are always welcome at the community. You will be involved in a great deal of personal activity in the mornings; therefore, we suggest that visitation begin after 10:00 a.m. Visitations after 10:00 a.m. and until 9:00 p.m. are very much encouraged. It is crucial for you to maintain your link with family and friends. Children are also strongly encouraged to visit the community. If visitors are visiting at other hours, a courtesy acknowledgement to staff is appreciated.

Participation of volunteers from the community in meaningful activities and social relationships is encouraged. Anyone wishing to volunteer service should contact our Community Director. Clients in the community are encouraged to volunteer and participate by sharing their own personal hobbies, interests or skills in areas of interest throughout the community.

No weapons, guns, knives, etc; are allowed in the community at any time.

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