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Spring Cleaning Your Life

If spring cleaning your house is refreshing, imagine how revitalizing spring cleaning your life will feel. How do you do it? There are plenty of possibilities.

Clean Your Home

It’s a tried-and-tested approach that roughly 80 percent of Americans engage in, according to Verywell Mind. The flurry of dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming also offers more than a cleaner home. Its advantages include all the following:

  • Signaling a fresh start
  • Building confidence by meeting a goal
  • Gaining a sense of control over your space
  • Decreasing social stress by increasing feelings that your space is presentable
  • Reducing financial stress by improving organization

Clear Out Clutter

Clutter hurts both your mind and body, according to reporting from Piedmont Healthcare. Clearing it away can reduce levels of stress hormones and boost your productivity. It can also decrease your risk of falls, fires, and pests. Plus, it can make it easier to find the things that you need or want.

To clear out clutter, use the three-box method. Find three boxes or bags. The first is for trash. The second is for items that you want to keep. The third is for donations. Then, choose an area to begin decluttering. Work through your home in sections until you’re satisfied.

Mind Your Mental Health

Spring cleaning your life doesn’t have physical limitations. The University of Cincinnati suggests that spring cleaning your mind should be an annual tradition. Are you prone to negative thoughts and criticism? Spring is an excellent time to break the habit of negative self-talk. Use mindfulness exercises to learn when you’re having negative thoughts. Then, reframe these thoughts into positive ones.

Spring Clean Your Brain

Mental health is just one aspect of brain health. If you want to keep your brain in peak condition, there are several steps to take. What should you check when you’re spring cleaning your brain training regimen? Verywell Mind has some suggestions:

  • Sleep: A good night’s sleep is essential for wellness. It improves memory, helps you handle stress, and may aid in weight management. It may also have protective properties for the brain’s cells.
  • Exercise: Physical activity does a brain good. Active people have better memories and attention spans.
  • Diet: Brain-friendly foods like vitamin B12 and certain fatty acids are key. Nutrient-rich diets can help you get what your brain needs.
  • Meditation: Meditation is training for the brain. It improves memory, attention, and sleep while reducing stress.
  • Stress management: Stress is an enemy of the brain and the body. Taking steps to manage it with exercise, meditation, healthy hobbies, and other useful tools can help mitigate its negative impacts.

Embrace New Habits

People often try to jump into new habits with New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, many of these commitments falter within a few weeks, perhaps partially due to the winter blahs. Since spring is a natural reset with more light, more new growth, and more vibrancy, it’s often an easier time to start and sustain a new habit. Whether you want to exercise more, eat healthier, or greet each day with a smile, spring can be the perfect time to embrace new habits.

Freshen Your Financials

Have your financial goals changed in the last year? Do you have new priorities? Are you determined to save more money? Reviewing your budget is a worthwhile venture. You may find subscriptions that you no longer want or fees that are no longer valid. Are nonessential purchases too high? Seeing the total cost can inspire you to find alternatives or ways to cut costs.

Spring Clean Your Schedule

Is there always something on the calendar? Being busy can make you feel needed and important, but it can also be a source of stress and a drain on your health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider scouring your schedule. Some items are musts, but other events can be reduced or cut.


Spring cleaning your life can be empowering. By clearing away clutter, you can find what matters most for your health and happiness.

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