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Senior Lifestyle

Easy Fall Crafts for Seniors

Cute painted pumpkins

Are you ready for fall? Whether you’re looking forward to a spooky Halloween or just waiting for Thanksgiving, there are plenty of fun opportunities for unique crafts during this time of year. Check out our list of easy fall crafts for seniors to explore creative ways to welcome the new season.

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How to Use Technology to Connect with Your Grandkids

Senior couple laughing while video chatting using tablet

Sometimes, it can feel like you need to be a technology genius to keep up with the younger people in your family. Engaging with new technology to connect with people can be intimidating, but it will almost certainly enrich your life. If you’re not sure where to start, scroll down to learn how to use technology to connect with your grandkids.

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How to Make a Care Package

Happy senior woman opening package

When you can’t see a loved one regularly, finding ways to show them that you care can be challenging. Care packages can be thoughtful and valuable ways to support a loved one from afar. Scroll down to learn how to make a care package for someone in an assisted living community.

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Easy Hobbies for Seniors

blue jay perched on tree in winter
Have you heard the jokes about people who are busy being retired? Some imagine that leaving the working world behind means transforming life into a never-ending weekend that’s full of lazy days. Others know that would quickly grow boring. They find ways to stay active and involved. Exploring a hobby is a fantastic way to keep your brain and body engaged. Fortunately, there are tons of easy hobbies for seniors.
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