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Things to Do with Your Grandma

There’s nothing better for your relationship with a grandparent than carving out some quality time. Find things to do with your grandma that are engaging and mutually enjoyable, and it will give you the chance to make some new memories together.

What Kinds of Activities Are Fun and Fulfilling for My Senior Loved Ones?

It can feel challenging to choose suitable activities when you’re trying to plan a fun visit with a grandparent. You don’t want to push them to do something that won’t be fun or is outside their current ability levels. However, you still want an activity that’s memorable and fulfilling for both of you. If you’re looking for things to do with your grandma, we have plenty of suggestions to help.

Make Something Together

Creative expression can be a fun way to connect with your inner child, but it also has concrete benefits for a senior’s cognitive abilities and mental health. There are many creative projects you can do with your senior loved one that will help you both stretch your artistic side:

  • Does your grandma have a favorite holiday? Get ready with some seasonal crafts. Cut out paper hearts for Valentine’s Day, make handmade cards for Christmas, or even carve jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween.
  • Does your grandma have a creative hobby that’s fallen by the wayside, like crocheting or scrapbooking? Help them pick it up again with some new supplies and your help. You might even learn a new skill or two.
  • If your loved one has age-related health issues that affect their ability levels, such as dementia, you can consult the internet. There are art techniques and craft tutorials adapted for every skill level. Anybody can make art with the right tools and guidance!

Mark Some Things Off Their To-Do List

Arts and crafts are fun, but sometimes your grandma needs more help with their daily life. Helping a senior loved one is a great way to make a visit memorable, and it doesn’t have to feel like a chore if you do it right:

  • Does your grandma need help with a routine chore like grocery shopping? Make it a trip you take together regularly, and they’ll look forward to it.
  • Sometimes seniors can benefit from a hands-on opportunity to learn a new technology skill from a younger person. For example, you can teach your grandma how to use an app like Zoom, and then show them how much easier it is to keep in touch.
  • Does your grandma struggle with life administration tasks like staying organized? Take a few minutes from your visit to help them sort through the confusion. You can even create tools together, like labels and checklists, that can help when you’re not around.

Try Something New

Some people think that seniors struggle with novelty, but seniors benefit greatly from making new connections and learning new things. Why not try something new the next time you spend time together?

  • Plan a trip to a new cultural site related to your grandparent’s interests so you can both learn more about it. If mobility is an issue, many museums and other cultural venues offer virtual tours.
  • Look for ways to introduce novelty into existing areas of interest. For example, if your grandparents like movies, it might be fun to explore a unique film genre together.
  • Ask your grandparent what they’re interested in learning about or what they’re curious about, and look for ways to explore it together. You never know what you might discover!


If you’re looking for things to do with your grandma, start with a few of the options listed above and see what sparks her interest. And if you’re looking for a home that always provides engagement and fun for senior residents, come visit us at Hearthside Senior Living.

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