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Benefits of Water Aerobics

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to involve mindless reps at the gym. It could mean taking a walk through the neighborhood, riding your bike at the park, or splashing around in the pool. In fact, the benefits of water aerobics make it clear that spending time in the pool can be a fantastic way for seniors to stay fit.

Exploring the Benefits of Water Aerobics

Jumping in the pool is a great way to shake up your exercise routine. What advantages can you expect when you hit the water with wellness in mind? You might be surprised to discover the many benefits of water aerobics, but you’re sure to appreciate them.

Exercise with People of All Ages

Water aerobics is fun and accessible. As a result, it’s an exercise program that’s ideal for people of almost any age or fitness level. Everybody can join in the fun, so everybody can exercise together and still get some type of benefit from the activity. It’s a great way to stay social while also squeezing in some physical activity.

Supporting Without Strain

Working out in the pool offers a unique environment that’s a perfect fit for aging or injured joints. The water’s buoyancy provides support so that you can go through the motions and build strength and flexibility without striking the ground hard the way that you would if you were running or jumping under normal conditions. It’s a low-impact solution that’s kinder and gentler to joints because it protects them even as the muscles and systems that support them grow stronger.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Are you eager to maintain a healthy weight? Would you like to lose a few extra pounds? Exercising in the water may do the trick. A study found in the National Library of Medicine followed older adults who completed just two short water aerobic workouts each week for 12 weeks. At the end of the study period, the participants had seen a significant drop in both their fat levels and their blood pressure.

Cooling Effects Increase Your Comfort

If you hate working out in the summer because you find sweating uncomfortable, doing your exercise in a pool presents the perfect alternative. The cooling effects of the water keep you comfortable, so you can work out longer and with greater enjoyment.

Supporting Heart Health

A healthy heart is essential to a healthy life. Working out in the pool actually helps the cardiovascular system because the pressure from the water naturally increases the efficiency of your blood circulation as you go through your exercises. This allows you to exercise more with less strain on the heart, which can ultimately lead to greater cardiovascular and overall fitness.

Building Muscle

When you exercise, you work your muscles and build strength. In normal circumstances, your muscles are moving your body through air. As you participate in water aerobics in a swimming pool, your muscles are pushing to move your body through water. Water is denser than air, which means it has more resistance and requires more effort to move through. With this natural resistance training, you’ll build more muscle when you work to move through the water.

Improving Balance

A fall can have serious consequences for seniors, so a chance to improve balance is always a benefit worth noting. Exercising in a swimming pool is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your balance. For starters, it’s a fairly safe environment. Water aerobics classes are held in places in the pool where you can stand and move at your own pace. They’re supervised and attended by a group of people, so you’re not in the pool alone. The movements encouraged by the class promote balance and flexibility. However, if you do happen to tip over as you go through the motions dictated by the class, the water provides a soft landing, so you’re unlikely to be injured.

Wellness doesn’t have to be boring. Water aerobics is ample proof of that. It’s a fun form of fitness that offers a variety of benefits for seniors who are interested in staying active.
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