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How to Improve Balance for Seniors

Smiling senior woman holding hands of someone out of frame

If you want to stay healthy and active as a senior, working on your sense of balance is essential. Having a solid understanding of balance can help you avoid the injuries that sideline other seniors and continue enjoying an independent lifestyle. If you aren’t sure where to start, let us walk you through the basics …

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Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Smiling seniors in an exercise class

Although we’re all aware that exercise provides a bounty of physical and mental health benefits, many of us struggle to make it a consistent part of our routine. Not only do you have to find the motivation and fit it into your schedule, but you also have to muster up the energy to make it …

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The Importance of Flexibility for Seniors

Senior woman stretching at home

Talk of flexibility often brings to mind images of Lycra-clad yoga practitioners twisting their bodies into pretzel-like poses. It can make flexibility seem like a privilege. This is like thinking the only place you’ll find water is in a pool for Olympic athletes. Water is everywhere, and so is flexibility. It can have a huge …

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The Importance of Fiber for Seniors

chalkboard sign reading fiber surrounded by vegetables, fruits, oats, etc

Did you know seniors need more fiber in their diets than younger people? Adding fiber to your diet can improve your digestive health and relieve many typical senior ailments. What is the importance of fiber for seniors, and how can you ensure you have enough of it on your plate?

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Healthy Snacks for Seniors

Bowl of cherries and strawberries

Do you often feel a bit peckish between meals? Or perhaps you’ve been favoring small snacks throughout the day as opposed to larger meals? Has a decrease in appetite or certain medications made it hard for you to find snacks you love? Whatever your relationship with snacks, you can’t deny the importance of eating well-balanced and nutritious food, even at snack time. Scroll down to review our mega-list of healthy snacks for seniors. Whatever your health concerns and taste preferences, we’ve got some snack options for you.

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Soft Snacks for Seniors

cherry jello dessert surrounded by berries on white plate

For one reason or another, seniors are often encouraged to eat soft foods. Not only do softer foods reduce the risk of bleeding gums, chipped teeth, and other oral health issues, but also they make it easier to chew and swallow. Whether you have dentures, dry mouth, or another condition that causes dysphagia (i.e., difficulty swallowing), soft foods can come in handy. So, if you’re looking for some tasty soft snacks for seniors, check out our list below. We’ve included a variety of options since many seniors are also on a special diet — limiting sugar or carbs, for example, or increasing calorie intake. Which of these delicious soft snacks for seniors is your favorite?

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