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How to Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

Are you doing everything you can to protect your skin from the sun? Whether you have a full head of hair or not, sun protection for your scalp is a must-have item for your summer outings. Learn how to protect your scalp from the sun so you can keep enjoying all the great things about this season!

How to Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

Did you know that over half of all senior adults don’t use any kind of sun protection when they’re out and about? Some seniors think that sun protection isn’t as important in their golden years because they believe melanomas and other forms of skin cancer are more common in younger people. But if you think that, it’s time to think again. No matter how old you are, ultraviolet (UV) rays remain the number one cause of skin cancer, and melanoma rates actually rise sharply for seniors after the age of 65. You owe it to yourself to be smart about protecting your skin from the sun.

While it’s important to take skin cancer seriously, you shouldn’t let concerns about UV rays stop you from having all the summer fun you can handle. Protecting yourself from UV rays is not only a good way to avoid cancer, but also it will allow you to avoid summer-related discomfort like overheating and sunburns. However, even seniors who are careful about the sun can miss a key area for sun protection if they aren’t aware of it. Scalp protection is an important aspect of sun safety, and many people are completely oblivious to its importance. Do you have a plan for how to protect your scalp from the sun this summer?

Yes, You Have to Put Sunscreen on Your Scalp

For some people, their hair might be enough to protect their scalps from UV rays. Unfortunately, one of the realities of aging is that your hair might offer less protection than it used to. If your hair is naturally thinner, or has lost some volume as you’ve entered your golden years, your scalp is vulnerable. Don’t let your summer get derailed by sunburns and discomfort! Instead, work these scalp protection tips into your daily routine:

  • Buy a sunhat for quick and easy sun protection. Any kind of hat can provide you with a little extra sun protection, but the best ones will have a UV rating right on the label. A hat with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating of 30 or above is ideal, but if you don’t have that, any dark hat with a wide brim will do the job.
  • Does the idea of putting gloppy sunscreen in your hair make you shudder? No worries. You can purchase sun protection products that are specifically formulated for face and scalp use. Look for waterproof options that will be comfortable on your skin, and last through a hot and sweaty summer day.
  • While taking care of your scalp is a great start, don’t forget the other rules of sun safety for seniors. If you’ll be spending time outside, be sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on any skin areas that will be exposed to the sun. Avoid the sun during peak times of day, stay in the shade when you can, and be sure to remember your sunglasses and sunscreen for complete protection.


With just a little bit of forethought, you can plan for how you’ll protect your scalp from the sun all summer long. You don’t have to let a little too much sunshine keep you indoors. Just grab your sunhat and your sunscreen, and we’ll see you outside!

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