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Party Games for Seniors

Are you ready to party? Some people believe a party must celebrate a particular occasion or event, like a birthday, a holiday, or an anniversary. But if you ask me, the best parties are often thrown for no reason at all! Whether you’re painting the town red for your friend’s birthday or you’re throwing a party “just because,” check out our list of party games for seniors to ensure your celebration is a hit. From board games and old favorites to homegrown festivities, our list has it all. Stick with standard rules and guidelines, or adapt these games to the needs of your guests. All that truly matters is that you have a great time!

Party Games for Seniors

Be sure to choose party games for seniors that are both easy to learn and interesting to play. In addition, remember that you can customize many games to suit the needs of your group. For example, if you don’t want to fuss with paper and pencils, your guests can answer verbally.

Trivia Games to Show What You Know

Plan trivia party games for seniors who like to learn and reminisce. Bonus: Trivia games help keep brains sharp! The retail games Trivial Pursuit and Scene It? are available in a variety of editions that may appeal to you and your friends. Or, you can search online for trivia games and questions. For example, you could test your knowledge of 1950s trivia or 1960s trivia. You can also customize trivia party games for seniors celebrating a special birthday or anniversary. Adapt the rules and ask questions that relate to the life of your guest of honor.

You could also try Fact or Fiction. Check out a library book on weird or historic facts, perhaps from a particular era. One sneaky player will either read a fact from the book or make something up while pretending to read. Afterward, the players will decide if the statement is fact or fiction.

Party Games for Seniors Who Like to Reminisce

Who doesn’t enjoy reminiscing? For the nostalgic Name That Tune game, gather popular recordings from musical eras your guests know and enjoy. Play a small section of each song. The first player to name the song wins that round. To switch up the game a little, ask players to write down their answers individually or play it like charades and answer as a team.

The game Guess Who is a great ice-breaker. Guests bring a childhood photo of themselves to the party and write their name on the back. The host puts the photos on a board and adds a numbered sticky note to each. Then, partygoers guess which photo goes with which guest. Give prizes to those who answer the most correctly, or just play for fun!

Word Games Spell Fun

To test your guests’ brainstorming abilities, try Scattergories or a do-it-yourself version using category topics such as flavors of ice cream, things on wheels, or superheroes. In a set amount of time, players list things that fit the category. The player who lists the most wins the round. In another version, one person names a type of thing, like “things that make you smile” or “things you’ve never eaten.” Everyone writes their answer down. Then, as answers are read, partygoers guess who gave each answer.

Fun with Old Favorites

When it comes to party games for seniors, you can’t go wrong with Bingo. Try using large-print cards and easy-to-hold markers, so that players can easily mark the numbers as they’re read. Tailor the prizes to fit your group or the theme of the celebration.

For a little exercise, try beach ball volleyball. Set up a low net with a row of chairs on either side. Seated players on each team volley the ball over the net. Outdoor games like shuffleboard and bocce ball work well for smaller gatherings.


Games are a great way to spark laughter and conversation amongst friends, family, and new acquaintances. We hope this list of party games for seniors comes in handy during your next celebration.

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