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Best Board Games for Adults

Of course board games are fun, but did you know they are actually good for your brain health as well? According to a study conducted by French researchers, seniors who play board games have a lower risk of developing dementia, less cognitive decline, and less depression. And you don’t need us to tell you how enjoyable games can be with the right group of people. The best board games for adults spark laughter, require a little problem solving, and encourage friendly competition. Grab a pair of dice, and let the games begin!

Best Board Games for Adults

Trivial Pursuit

Who says you need to go out to a bar to have a fun trivia night? You can enjoy this mentally stimulating game from the comfort of home thanks to Trivial Pursuit. Go basic with the classic edition or pick a themed edition. The nice thing about Trivial Pursuit is that it’s a challenging game but it doesn’t have too many rules to keep track of. You simply roll the dice, move your token across the board, and answer questions that you draw from a deck of cards.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan has a cult following, and chances are you’ll understand why once you start playing. Settlers of Catan involves a lot of strategy, so the more you play the game, the better you become at it. However, it also involves some luck because you have to roll the dice to earn resources. In this game, your goal is to build the most settlements with your limited resources. The basic version is best suited to three or four players, but if you want to add more, just buy an expansion pack.

The Resistance

Get your poker faces ready because this game is all about tricking your friends. In The Resistance, you’re trying to overthrow the government, and you have to guess which of your friends are actually spies trying to sabotage your mission. If the spies sabotage three missions, they win. One of the rules is that you can say anything you want during the game, so it makes for a fun night of improvisation.


Scrabble has certainly withstood the test of time. Alfred Mosher Butts invented this game during the Great Depression, a time when many Americans needed enjoyable games to lift their spirits (source). Decades later, this game is still a classic that has won the hearts of millions. While the classic way to play is certainly enjoyable, you can make things even trickier by choosing word themes. For example, you might decide to insert your own rule saying that players can only use words that pertain to nature. You might even learn a few new words along the way and improve your spelling.


Like Scrabble, Codenames is a game about words. Players split into two teams. One person from each team is the spymaster, and it is up to him or her to provide clues about agent codenames. The trick is the clue can only be one word. For example, if the codenames are pig and farm, the agent might give the clue word livestock. The spies then have to guess the right codenames using the clue.

Other Board Games

The list of best board games for adults could go on and on. Check out these other fan favorites you might not have heard of before:

  • Dixit is an imaginative game about illustrations that will spark memories from your childhood.
  • Love Letter involves wooing the interest of a princess.
  • Take a cross-country train trip with Ticket to Ride.
  • If you’re a fan of the show Family Feud, try out the board game version.
  • You’ve probably heard of Monopoly, but you may not know about all of the different versions you can buy, from Lord of the Rings to Star Wars.


Board games encourage camaraderie amongst friends, family, and new acquaintances. Plus, they’re a great way to spend an afternoon. We hope this list of board games for adults comes in handy.

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