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Sharing Your Life Story

One of the most enjoyable aspects of reaching your golden years is sharing your life story with your loved ones. There’s no doubt you’ve been to spectacular places and accomplished some pretty fantastic things – and your family and friends want to hear about it! Since no two stories are alike, we’ve compiled a list of unique ways that you can share the funny, heartfelt, and impressionable moments that have made you the person you are today.

Sharing Your Life Story

Book of Firsts

If you aren’t sure how to begin sharing your life story, creating a Book of Firsts can help you walk down memory lane. This is a fun and unique way to collect all of your memorable landmark experiences in a personalized book that can be read aloud or passed around to your family and friends. All you need is a journal, a pen, and some time to write. The following prompts may help you get started:

  • Your first kiss
  • Your first car
  • Your first time falling in love
  • Your first job
  • Your first home
  • Your first pet

Write these prompts at the top of each page and tell your story with great detail. Your friends and family will enjoy reading your stories, and they might feel compelled to share their own first-time experiences with you as well.

Collaborative Scrapbook

A story lies behind every photograph. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! Gather your family together to build a collaborative scrapbook. As you select and organize your photos, you can reminisce and share the history behind the images with those too young to remember. And since memories with your friends and family continuously grow, scrapbooking can be an ongoing project. Why not get together with your loved ones once a month and continue adding pieces to your life story?

Shadow Box

Everyone keeps significant items that symbolize important moments throughout their lives. Whether you’ve held on to medals and letters from your days in the army or the garter you wore on your wedding day, items like these hold great meaning. By placing them in a shadow box, you can preserve your beloved items while turning them into a meaningful art piece that can be displayed in your home or given to a loved one as a heartfelt gift.


The way each person tells his or her life story is just as unique as the story itself. A fun idea for sharing your life story is to tell it in your own words. Recording an interview is a wonderful bonding experience that allows you to express the charm and personality your friends and family have come to know and love. All you need is a recording device, such as a phone or video camera. Have your family members write questions they want to ask and set aside an hour or two to answer them, or ask someone to interview you. Recording an interview is the perfect way to engage in conversation with a friend or family member while also creating a lasting record that can be shared with generations to come.


No matter what approach you use to share your memories, rest assured that those closest to you will love learning about your life story. Sharing your remarkable experiences can help inspire loved ones to create unique moments of their own while also leaving a lasting impression. And as your extraordinary journey continues, remember to keep adding new memories to your story.

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