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Easter Crafts for Seniors

Spring has arrived, and that means Easter is right around the corner! Are you ready to celebrate with your friends and loved ones? Make this year one to remember with these Easter crafts for seniors.

Easter Crafts for Seniors

If you’re a crafty senior, you know that holidays offer a great chance to let your creativity shine. Why not use your skills to make Easter memorable for your friends and loved ones this year? Create some unique gifts and decorations with these Easter crafts for seniors.

Easy Candy Jars

We all know that candy is the highlight of Easter for the young ones in your life. You can give them a sweet treat and show them you care by making one of these easy candy jars. All you need are jars, glitter, glue, and whatever extra bits and bobs you want to use to decorate them. Fill them with jellybeans or another favorite Easter candy and enjoy!

Pom-Pom Bunny

What’s Easter without an Easter Bunny? You can make a cute and cuddly bunny of your very own with this pom-pom bunny craft. All you need are some colorful fuzzy pom-poms, some glue, and a bunny stencil. These are fun gifts for friends or cute decorations for any Easter holiday table. Make a pom-pom bunny with the little ones in your life for some extra holiday fun.

Easter Egg Wreath

One of the best things about crafting is that it gives you a way to reuse those old holiday supplies and decorations we all have hiding in the backs of our closets. If you have some plastic eggs left over from an Easter egg hunt, you can make this simple and colorful Easter egg wreath in just a few minutes. There’s no way the Easter Bunny will miss your house if this is on your door!

String Easter Eggs

Many Easter crafts are cute, but they don’t always look sophisticated enough to leave up year-round. If you’re looking for an easy craft that you can continue to enjoy past Easter, these string Easter eggs will do the job. All you need is a string, Mod Podge, and some plastic eggs to use as molds. You can hang them up as a garland, put them in a bowl as a centerpiece, or use them as components of other crafts.

Simple Easter Signs

If you’re looking for some Easter objects to brighten your home decor, why not make these simple Easter signs? They look sophisticated, but they’re really just made of cardstock and paper. All you have to do is print out some designs, assemble them, and enjoy. This technique can be adapted to make all kinds of signage, too. Give making signs a try for Easter, and see what other unique uses you can come up with.

Embroidery Hoop Bunny

If you’re looking for another creative idea that can help you use up some old craft supplies, this embroidery hoop bunny will give a new life to old embroidery hoops and scraps of fabric. Select some spring-like colors or patterns, decorate to your tastes, and give your new Easter Bunny a home on your wall or refrigerator.


Easter crafts for seniors are a fun way to get creative and make something you’ll treasure with the people you love. How can you get creative this Easter?

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