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When Is the Right Time to Downsize?

It’s easy to tell when your family needs more space. After all, it’s hard to miss that you could use another bedroom for a new addition to the family, that another bathroom would make getting out the door in the mornings much easier, or that a home office would be a boon to your productivity. However, the markers that can indicate that it might be time to consider downsizing are often more subtle. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t thinking about them. According to Senior Housing News, 87.7 percent of those surveyed in a national study said that they plan to move from their current dwelling at some point in time. Almost 65 percent reported that they have considered downsizing from a home to an apartment in a senior living community. When is the right time to downsize?

When Is the Right Time to Downsize?

When is the right time to downsize? Clearly, it’s best to choose a time when you can do this on your terms. Being proactive about downsizing means that you can begin taking full advantage of the many benefits that a thriving senior living community can offer sooner rather than later. Consider the following questions to see if you might be ready to investigate senior living communities.

Am I Ready to Let Somebody Else Worry About the Hassles?

As a homeowner, you have to handle all the maintenance, the housekeeping, and the shopping. You also have to keep your technology functioning. If severe weather or some other disaster arrives on your doorstep, you’re responsible for dealing with both the preparation and the fallout. Residents of senior living communities regain countless hours because the community’s staff handles the bulk of these tasks. Moving into a senior living community gives you the freedom to focus on more enjoyable things because someone else is worrying about the everyday hassles.

Would I Like the Peace of Mind of Wellness and Health Care Services?

Many senior living communities offer wellness and health care services onsite. These vary from community to community, so you’ll need to see which services matter most to you. Some simply provide pharmacy delivery services and transportation to medical appointments. Some offer onsite nursing and physical therapy services. Others start with independent living but offer a continuum of care that provides increasing levels of support so that established residents can safely age in place.

Will I Appreciate Having an Entire Community Right Outside My Door?

As a resident of a senior living community, there’s no need to drive anywhere to find someone to socialize with or an activity to join. Simply stepping outside your door will give you a chance to encounter friends and neighbors. These communities also keep calendars full of activities and events going on around their campuses. Senior living communities work diligently to provide residents with opportunities to stay engaged and active. Or, you can always head out on your own adventure for the day. After all, moving into a senior community doesn’t mean that you have to stay there 24/7. And while you’re away, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your apartment is being looked after while you’re gone.

Will I Enjoy Leaving the Cooking to Someone Else?

Food preparation can become quite a chore, and it’s easy to fall into bad habits that don’t fully meet your nutritional needs. That’s especially true if you find yourself cooking and eating alone. Moving into a senior living community, you’ll be able to dine with your friends in a restaurant-style setting. It’s a chance to socialize and enjoy a mix of healthy, seasonal dishes without having to cook or clean a kitchen.


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