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Outdoor Games for Seniors

Several months of warm weather stretch before us, so be sure to take advantage of the abundant sunshine, green grass, and flourishing gardens while you can. Whenever you have the chance, get outside to breathe in some fresh air. You can challenge your friends to a game of horseshoes, have a picnic, or just sit back and relax with a cool drink. For help deciding how to spend your day, check out the outdoor games for seniors below.

Outdoor Games for Seniors

Horseshoes. A classic lawn game for people of all ages, horseshoes involves actual horseshoes being thrown at stakes. Unlike some other outdoor games for seniors, horseshoes typically requires the installation of a permanent court.

Ring Toss, Beanbag Toss, or Ladder Toss. If you love horseshoes but you don’t have access to a court, try ring toss, beanbag toss, or ladder toss. These games are far more portable, and they can entertain a variety of age groups.

Washers. Washers is similar to horseshoes in setup, but the players throw washers and the target is a box with a hole or tube in the center. Points are won by hitting the box or the hole/tube.

Croquet. In croquet, players use mallets to hit balls through a series of wickets. Many players can take part in the action, and the course can be shortened or lengthened to fit your schedule.

Beach Ball Volleyball. Beach ball volleyball is a great option when you have several willing players. The lightweight ball makes volleying a breeze. Plus, if you don’t have a net, you can create a game where the goal is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible.

Frisbee. Everyone knows how to throw a frisbee, but you have several options for games. First, you could simply toss the frisbee between friends. Second, you could establish targets at which players will aim. Third, if you’re still quite active, you could try a relaxed game of ultimate frisbee.

Bocceball. This Italian classic, which dates back to the Roman Empire, is easy to learn and easy to play. Two teams compete against one another, tossing metal (or sometimes plastic) balls as close to the bocceball as possible.

Badminton. Badminton is similar to tennis but utilizes lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. This is a great choice for seniors who are still active but lack the stamina and athleticism required for a full game of tennis.

Metal Detecting. Metal detecting is like hunting for treasure – you never know what you might find! You can scour beaches, parks, and any other public place you like. Kids are often fascinated by metal detecting, making it a great activity for grandparents and grandchildren to enjoy together.

Golf. Finally, many seniors look forward to golf when the weather warms up. You could go to a gorgeous golf course, have some fun at a miniature golf course, or even set up some putt-putt in your backyard!


Finally, remember that you can take some of your favorite indoor games outside by setting up a sturdy table. As long as the day isn’t too windy, you could play card games, complete a puzzle, or bust out your favorite board game. This is a great way for seniors who struggle with mobility to embrace the warm weather.

Whether you prefer washers, frisbee, or golf, we encourage you to get outside this summer and enjoy some of these outdoor activities for seniors.

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