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Why Volunteer with Senior Citizens?

Volunteering your services to a worthy organization will always be worthwhile. Although you could offer your help to a political party or a national charity, why not stay a bit closer to home? The seniors in your community could surely benefit from your friendship and talents – and they’re probably located just down the road! Why volunteer with senior citizens? Where do we start . . .

Why Volunteer with Senior Citizens?

You can help others. Whether your volunteer work entails running errands, completing household tasks, putting on a performance, or playing games and talking, it will improve someone else’s life. You could brighten someone’s day, teach them something new, or improve the retirement community as a whole.

No special skills are needed. Although you should certainly make your skills and talents known (they may come in handy!), no particular abilities are necessary to volunteer with seniors. As long as you have a good heart and a willingness to help, you will be welcomed.

You can share your hobbies and interests. If you do have a special talent, hobby, or interest to share, consider how it could be used to benefit seniors. For example, perhaps you could put on a performance (if you’re a talented musician, dancer, singer, etc.) or teach a class (in painting, writing, how to use a computer, etc). You might be surprised by just how much you can offer. Plus, sharing your interests will be great experience and could improve your public speaking or teaching skills.

It’s close to home. Chances are there are seniors in your county, in your neighborhood, or even on your street who could benefit from your help. This will make it convenient for you to volunteer your time, and you’ll know that you are making a positive impact in your community.

You can learn from seniors’ skills and experience. Seniors are older, wiser, and full of experience and knowledge to share, so if you volunteer with seniors, I guarantee you’ll learn something new. You could learn how to play poker, how to crochet, or even how to speak another language. Learn from seniors’ sage advice.

They can teach you about history. Seniors provide a unique, first-hand perspective on history, which can be illuminating whether you’re a student or not. You could discuss wartime experiences, past presidents, and major events like 9/11 and the assassination of JFK.

You’ll enjoy it. Volunteering with seniors can be a lot of fun. You can make new friends, chat and socialize, play games, and much more. Although this will depend, of course, on the community’s needs and your role as a volunteer, many retirement communities will allow you to choose a role that suits your wishes and skills.


So why volunteer with senior citizens? Because it’s a win-win situation! You can help the seniors in your area while learning from their wisdom, gaining new experience, and sharing your talents. What could be better than that?

If you’re interested in volunteering with seniors in Collierville, Tennessee, be sure to check out Hearthside Senior Living. We welcome volunteers looking to participate in meaningful activities, share their personal hobbies or skills, or simply chat and make new friends. To learn more, please give our Community Director a call at 901-651-2503. We look forward to hearing from you!

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