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How to Stay in Love

Falling in love is often the simplest step in the process of securing a lifelong companion. It’s a euphoric experience as we seek to do anything possible to impress and enchant that unique individual who has captured our heart. However, this “thrill of the chase” often crashes to a halt as soon as the decision to commit comes into play. Thereafter, many relationships sink into a stable “safe zone,” in which the partners may take each other for granted. This behavior can breed an atmosphere of indifference in a relationship that grows over time. Learning how to stay in love isn’t simple or easy, but it will certainly be worth it when all is said and done.

How to Stay in Love

There are some pivotal actions you can take to help rekindle the fire in a lackluster relationship. If you want to stay in love with your sweetheart, use the tips below (which come from seniors with many years of experience) to build a long-lasting relationship built on communication, care, and lots of love.

Take Time to Listen

When it comes to maintaining a loving relationship, we must learn to listen to one another. Simply put, our goal is to listen to understand and not to respond. In other words, we should strive to eliminate the ego, which is the self that naturally seeks to dominate the conversation, in order to better connect with our spouse’s feelings and address his or her needs. Practice the golden rule, listening to your partner in the same way you appreciate your partner listening to you.

Make Time for Loving Actions Each & Every Day

Simply complimenting your partner on his or her appearance is a simple (yet meaningful) act that tells the other person, I took the time to notice you and just how valuable (or funny, smart, beautiful, caring, etc.) you are. Other loving actions might include brewing a cup of your partner’s favorite tea, writing your partner a love note, allowing your partner to pick a movie on date night, or surprising your partner with a small gift. Although the time of pursuit is past, simple and loving actions that reinforce each other’s value should never be discounted.

Cultivate Personal Interests

It is so important for couples to explore their own interests. Doing so encourages us to learn and grow as individuals. Then, we can share our gained knowledge and experiences with each other. So perhaps the biggest secret of how to stay in love lies within the ability to remain fulfilled in our personal lives. Don’t neglect your own needs and desires to constantly compromise with your partner. Loving someone else begins with loving yourself.


By making a genuine effort to engage your partner, you can breathe new life and meaning into your relationship. Although the type of love we experience does alter a bit over the decades, demonstrating your fondness for your beloved will ensure a healthier lifelong partnership.

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