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How to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and while many Americans use the holiday as an occasion to swim, barbecue, or go shopping, don’t forget its true purpose: to honor and remember the brave men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces. As a senior with decades of life experience, it is likely that at least one of your loved ones has fought valiantly with our military – or perhaps you’re a veteran yourself! So when May 30th rolls around, show your respect and gratitude. And if you’re not sure how to celebrate Memorial Day, use the recommendations below for help.

How to Celebrate Memorial Day

Honor deceased veterans. Visit the grave of a deceased veteran you have known, perhaps placing flowers at the gravesite. If you can’t make it to the cemetery, take a moment to think of the person. Look at their picture, reread their letters, or perhaps tell a friend about what this veteran meant to you. If you’re wondering how to celebrate Memorial Day, this is the best place to start.

Thank the veterans you know. If one of your friends or family members served in the military, thank him or her. Show your gratitude, perhaps by listening to this person’s stories, doing them a favor, or presenting them with a heartfelt gift. You could also send a letter or an e-mail to veterans and active duty soldiers in your life.

Have a picnic. Decorate with flags, enjoy the great outdoors, and feast on all-American foods like barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs, and apple pie. As you embrace your patriotism, however, don’t forget that the true purpose of the celebration is to honor our veterans. If any veterans are present at your picnic, give them the biggest slice of the pie!

Observe the National Moment of RemembranceAt 3:00pm, take one minute (or more) to pause silently and reflect on the service of our fallen soldiers. Remember those who have lost their lives for our country and encourage those around you to do the same.

Check out local events. For example, here in Bartlett, Tennessee, the Bartlett Community Concert Band will be performing on May 29 at the Memphis National Cemetery. Somewhere in your town, there will likely be a parade or ceremony to acknowledge the occasion.


Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day did not become official until 1967, but it has been celebrated since the 1880s following the Civil War. It is observed every year on the last Monday in May, and although many Americans treat it as a party or just one-third of their three-day weekend, we hope that you will take some time this Memorial Day to pause, reflect, and honor our deceased veterans.

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