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Gift Ideas for Seniors

Successful gift giving can be incredibly tricky. If you’re stumped, The Unconventional Route offers some clever advice. When selecting a gift, solve a problem. Be practical, and take care not to create any new problems along the way. This gifting philosophy is particularly useful when you’re scrambling to come up with a gift for people who claim they already have everything they want. So if you’re searching for gift ideas for seniors, why not give it a try?

Gift Ideas for Seniors

Whenever you’re selecting a gift, you’ll want to spend some time thinking about the recipient. What do they enjoy? What do they need? What can they use? What won’t work? Seniors present a special challenge. After all, they’ve had decades to acquire treasures. In some cases, they’ve chosen to downsize, which means they’ve pruned their possessions to the things that matter most. If the senior you’re shopping for has downsized, you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re selecting a gift because space may be a consideration. Any physical limitations and safety considerations also need to be factored into your gift-giving plans. Fortunately, there are plenty of great gift ideas for seniors.

Hobby Gifts

Support a loved one’s favorite hobby with supplies that they need for their next project. Provide a painter with new brushes. If you know someone who unwinds by coloring, buy them some new coloring books. Surprise an amateur photographer with a book about photography. Purchase gardening gloves or seeds for a gardener. There are countless possibilities.

Recurring Gifts

If one gift makes your loved one smile, what effect 12 would have? With a recurring gift, you have several opportunities to remind your senior just how special they are to you. You could opt for a subscription to their favorite magazine. Alternately, you could choose a subscription for deliveries of a food or beverage that they love. Are they fond of jams and jellies? Are they a tea aficionado? Is there nothing better in their book than fruit or cheese? If they aren’t foodies, don’t despair. With a little digging, you can find subscription gifts for flower fans, mystery lovers, board game enthusiasts, and more.

Brain Gifts

Many seniors worry about fuzzy memories and slips in cognition. As a result, they often make it a point to do puzzles and other activities that experts say can help keep the brain sharp. If you know the type of puzzle that your loved one favors, it can be an ideal gift. If you don’t, a mix of different types of puzzles at different levels of difficulty might be the perfect present.

Comfort Gifts

Gifts that make the world a little more comfortable are sure to win points. Soft blankets, cozy robes, toasty socks, and plush slippers are classics for a reason. If you opt for footwear, be sure to pick things that offer stability and good tread. You can also branch out and try some of the newer gifts in this category. Does your senior struggle with insomnia? A sound machine can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. Do they use a tablet or spend a lot of time reading? A tablet pillow will prop up a tablet or book, easing the strain on hands and wrists, making their hobby more comfortable.

The Gift of You

Many people would say the greatest gift is time spent with loved ones. So why not plan an adventure to their favorite afternoon getaway? For their gift, put a note inside a card with a promise to take them to that special place. Or, give them a box with a coupon book for monthly lunches with you that they can cash in. The time spent with your loved one will be priceless.

Gift Cards

With a gift card, you never have to worry that your gift is the wrong size or color or something that they already have. Giving a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant is a fantastic gift. It lets your loved one indulge in a treat that they might have otherwise skipped.


Trying to find the perfect gift for a senior can be quite a challenge. When you’re drawing a blank, think about the person. Consider what makes them smile and what they can use. Then, try to choose something useful that you think they’ll enjoy.

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