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How to Decorate Your Apartment Door for Christmas

Are you searching for ideas for how to decorate your apartment door for Christmas? You’re not alone. Approximately 42 percent of American adults are planning to decorate the exterior of their homes. Creating a special look for your door can be a fantastic way to share your love of the season with both passersby and everyone who comes to visit you.

How to Decorate Your Apartment Door for Christmas

When you’re thinking about how to decorate your apartment door for Christmas, you have to start by reviewing the rules. What does the building’s management allow? Are there restrictions regarding the use of colors, language, or lighting? Are there limits about how far things can stick out from a door? Does everything have to be attached to the door? Are you permitted to set things beside it? Are doormats allowed? What about noise levels?

Once you’ve reviewed the rules set by management, go a step further. Consider the safety and comfort of the people in your apartment and those passing by it. Remember that your display shouldn’t create tripping hazards, interfere with travel past the apartment, or make entry into or exit from your home difficult.

How will you decorate your apartment door for the Christmas holidays? There are so many possibilities . . .

Tie a Bow on It

For a quick, easy, and elegant door decoration that won’t get in the way, grab some ribbon. You can opt for wide and gauzy, cheerful and plaid, or rich and luxurious velvet. It’s completely up to you. If you’re confident that you can tie a beautiful bow, all you’ll need is enough ribbon to wrap the door and tape to attach it with. If you aren’t sure about the bow, then you might want to pick up a pre-tied bow. Once you have your pieces, wrap a piece of ribbon around the door vertically and attach it. Then, wrap a piece around the door horizontally. Tie your own bow or grab the store-bought version. Then, place it where the two stripes of ribbon cross, and you’ve transformed your front door into a gift-wrapped present!

Hang a Wreath

Hanging a wreath is a traditional way to decorate your door, and it’s fairly easy with wreath hangers. That doesn’t mean it’s boring. You can express your style in countless ways as you let your decorations send seasonal greetings to your neighbors and guests. There are classic options with rich green boughs and festive ribbons. Or, there are more unusual choices. Some wreaths are made from lightbulbs, wine corks, or even ice skates. For a different look, switch up the presentation by stacking or staggering multiple wreaths in various sizes. Have fun with your decorations.

Drop a Seasonal Doormat

Christmas doormats are a cheerful addition to any doorway. Whether you opt for tidings of joy or seasonal scenes, they’re an easy way to decorate and also help to keep your apartment a little neater. For added fun, consider setting potted miniature Christmas trees on either side of your doormat. Be sure that they won’t block the travel path.

Hang a Banner

A banner, sign, or flag draped down your door is the perfect way to decorate. If you can’t find something that you like in the stores or catalogs, consider crafting your own. The internet is full of cheerful holiday printables. Banners are a great option because their low profile means that they won’t interfere as you come and go through your door. You’ll enjoy a fantastic display that is easy to create and easy to live with.

Create a Tinsel Tree

If you like three-dimensional decorations, grab some tinsel and tape. To create a tinsel tree, attach the tinsel to the door where you want the top of the tree. Then, make diagonal lines of tinsel that slowly widen in the familiar shape of a tree. Leave space between the lines so that you can place small paper decorations. If you prefer, you can use miniature ornaments. Just hook them into the tinsel. You’ll have to take care not to brush against your door as you come and go, and you may need to make occasional repairs. However, this type of decoration can really make your seasonal door display pop.


Decorating your apartment door for Christmas can be a fun way to share your holiday spirit with your friends and neighbors. What ideas do you have?

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