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Fun Gadgets for Seniors

While it may seem like kids today grow up with cell phones, tablets, and other devices in their hands, technology isn’t just for the young. People of all ages can appreciate a great gadget. In fact, a clever gizmo can make life easier and more enjoyable, and that’s certainly something people with a bit of life experience can appreciate. Fortunately, you don’t have to look very hard to find fun gadgets for seniors.

Fun Gadgets for Seniors

When creating a list of fun gadgets for seniors, how do you decide what makes the cut? First, consider your favorite senior’s interests. Next, consider how a device might come in handy. Will it help them complete everyday tasks or enjoy a favorite hobby? Could it keep them safer? Will it give them more time for the things they delight in? Finally, remember the frustration factor. Is the device designed to work for someone with their mobility and vision? If you need some suggestions for the seniors in your life, these gadgets might do the trick.

Kindle E-reader

For lifelong readers, there’s nothing like escaping into a fantastic story. Unfortunately, small print gets harder and harder to read. Not every book is available in large print, and there can be an added cost. E-readers offer an easy solution. Choose a good one, and you’ll have a bunch of accessibility features at your fingertips. You can instantly increase the font size, adjust the screen brightness, and change the colors of the text and screen. This Kindle e-reader strikes a great balance between budget and comfort. However, if it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Amazon offers several Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets, so you have plenty of possibilities to explore.

Roomba Robot Vacuum

Every now and then, videos pop up of cats or dogs riding around on the flat top of robot vacuums. Watching those clips is certainly more fun than dragging out a traditional vacuum and doing your cleaning the old-fashioned way, so why not treat the senior in your life to an iRobot Roomba of their very own? Then, they can kick back, relax, and laugh at clips of bearded dragons and other beasts riding Roombas on the internet while their own robot butler gets the cleaning done for them. With a little luck, they’ll share their best video finds with you.

Portable Television Speaker

Watching television with someone who is hard of hearing can be incredibly frustrating. The volume is painfully loud for you, and they still can’t quite make out what’s happening. Solve the problem with this SEREONIC portable television speaker. Simply connect it through your television’s audio port, and this wireless device does the rest. Place it where it’s needed, and use a simple volume dial on the speaker to adjust the output. It’s designed to enhance voice clarity. That means the person who is hard of hearing can put it beside their preferred chair and catch every word of their favorite shows without driving everyone else out of the room.

Tile Stickers

Forgetfulness happens. Finding something isn’t guaranteed. If you love someone who is frequently baffled by keys that sneak off, television remotes that stow away in strange places, or other items that like to play hide and seek, Tile Stickers may offer a technological solution. Once attached to the device, they can be located with an app.

Reacher Grabber

The Reacher Grabber is proof that a gadget doesn’t have to be high-tech to be great fun. This classic has been successfully serving seniors for decades, so it’s worth shopping for a well-constructed model that will stand up to frequent use. Look for a comfortable trigger that is easy to squeeze. Also, try to find a claw with rubberized ends so that whatever is picked up won’t fall before being pulled in. In addition, choose a model that is solidly built but still lightweight enough to be comfortably handled. A good grabber offers the satisfaction of independence when it’s used as a tool. Plus, it can be a fun way to entertain when used for games of skill as you challenge people to retrieve items.

Gadgets can be both fun and useful. If you have a senior in your life who delights in contraptions, try to find ones that appeal to their interests and needs. After all, there’s no age limit on joy.
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