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YouTube 101 for Seniors

You’ve probably heard your grandkids talking about the latest popular video on YouTube. In order to join the conversation and surprise your family, educate yourself with our crash course, YouTube 101 for Seniors. Get ready to learn new skills, reminisce with old television programs, and get inspired.

YouTube 101 for Seniors is a free website that provides a way for people to watch and share videos. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, this website only lets users post videos to their profile, which is called their channel. People upload a wide range of videos including tutorials, music videos, and clips from comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and even The Carol Burnett Show.

However, you don’t need to post videos or even have an account to benefit from YouTube. The search bar allows you to type a question or topic, just like on Google. For example, you can search “workout routines for seniors”.

When you click on a video, it will automatically begin playing. You can pause videos by hovering your mouse over the bottom left-hand corner of the video and clicking the pause button. Some videos will automatically play advertisements before your video starts.

Although many people joke about the silly videos they find on YouTube, the site is also a valuable resource. It provides educational content, preserves old videos, and allows anyone with an Internet connection to access its content. In addition to simply having fun, you can accomplish all of the following tasks on YouTube:

Learn New Skills

Since you might find yourself with more free time in your retirement, now is a great time to pick up a new trade or hobby. You can look up yoga routines designed for seniors, unique crochet stitches, crafts to make with your grandkids, or even fishing tricks and tips.

Get a Little Nostalgic

Reminiscing has its benefits, and YouTube is great for helping you relive memories from the past. You can search for popular commercials from the 1960s and 1970s, watch clips from the Johnny Carson Show, and listen to musical hits from the past.

Watch Inspirational Videos

YouTube has videos that can motivate and cheer you up. Consider watching Kid President’s pep talk when you need to be inspired. Next, visit the America’s Funniest Home Videos channel for a good laugh.

Stay Current with Trends

If you make your way to the Trending section of YouTube, you’ll discover videos that have gained a lot of attention in a short amount of time. The selection is somewhat diverse, and you may wonder if the creators have too much time on their hands given the senseless nature of some of the videos. Although you may not enjoy all of the trending videos, they could give you some talking points for your next conversation with a young family member.

Brush Up on Your Favorite Subject

In addition to becoming an expert in our course YouTube 101 for Seniors, you can become a master on nearly any topic by watching videos. For example, thanks to YouTube, you don’t have to read a book or wait for a TV channel to air a documentary to learn more about your favorite era. The YouTube channel Timeline allows viewers to watch world history documentaries anytime. Do you want to learn about current happenings in space? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) channel can help you stay up to date about new discoveries.


We hope this quick course, YouTube 101 for Seniors, has helped you better understand one of the most popular websites online today. If you have any questions, why not ask a young family member for help? Many young people consider themselves experts in social media and would be glad to share their wealth of knowledge.

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