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Wearable Technology for Seniors

Tech companies are eyeing a new customer base: seniors. As our country’s senior population increases, their buying power intensifies as well. As a result, some of the latest gadgets hitting the market include wearable technology for seniors. Both fashion-forward and useful, these devices offer seniors real-time assistance. They can monitor blood sugar and blood pressure, track fitness goals and calories, monitor your heart rate, and serve as an eye-catching life alert. As new technologies are developed, they provide the support and assistance seniors need to live independently. But they can also offer peace of mind to family and loved ones. Here’s a helpful roundup of some of the latest wearable devices geared toward today’s seniors.

Wearable Technology for Seniors

Samsung Gear S3

This fashionable device is so much more than a watch. It not only doubles as a cell phone, but it alerts you to emails, messages, and health goals. Unlike traditional wearable technology for seniors that can often be a sign of aging, this watch is stylized. It’s not noticeable, but it’s very handy. And the programmable apps mean you can even operate lights, thermostats, and smart appliances with the flick of a wrist. It’s also incredibly durable thanks to its water-resistant design, which can withstand most drops and accidents.

The watch’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features mean you can always get in touch with a caregiver if needed. So you can stay active and know that help is nearby. Speaking of caregivers, one of the apps available on the watch app also allows family and medical professionals to monitor the wearer’s biometrics and GPS location so they can check in on their loved one even when they can’t be there in person.


Even our shoes are getting smarter. It’s true! The India-based company Ducere recently came out with a smart shoe insert that can help you navigate. The insoles offer directional assistance by creating vibrations and phone notifications. They can track specified routes and even serve as fitness trackers and GPS units. This makes this wearable technology especially helpful for friends and family members of seniors living independently. Keeping track of loved ones has never been easier.

CarePredict Tempo

This health monitor was created by caregivers for caregivers. It’s a simple but great way to track health and habit changes that could indicate or lead to health problems. The stylish sensor is worn on the wrist and can track the unique daily routine of the person wearing it. It monitors everything from increased bathroom use to unusual sedentary behavior and can alert a caregiver if a behavior or change in daily habits is alarming.


With new technology coming out all the time, it is likely wearable devices will become more common and even more helpful for seniors and their loved ones.

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