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Ways to Stay Young at Heart

How old do you feel? We’ll let you in on a little secret – although you can’t control your actual age, you can decide how old you are in spirit. So keep scrolling to learn ways to stay young at heart, and let your inner child shine.

Ways to Stay Young at Heart

Spend Time Around Kids and Young Adults

In an ever-changing world, it can be hard to keep up with the current trends and pop culture references. One way to stay up to date and young at heart is to spend time with those who are younger than you.

If you have grandkids, make it a point to ask them about their favorite new movies, the Instagram accounts they enjoy following, and the YouTube videos that make them laugh. Then, check out their recommendations for yourself. Better yet, ask your grandkids if they’d like to hang out, watch a movie, and order pizza. If you don’t have any grandkids, consider tutoring a student in your favorite subject or volunteering at a place young people also like to volunteer.

Pick Up the Crayons

Remember when you were a child and a rainy day was a chance to color and let your imagination run wild? Recreating that experience is one of the best ways to stay young at heart. You don’t have to wait for the rain to exercise the creative part of your brain. Make a trip to the craft store, and buy some construction paper, a coloring book, and some crayons. Create something, and don’t worry about making it look perfect and frame-worthy. As an added perk, you might even find that coloring helps you enter a meditative state. To learn more, read our post about the health benefits of creativity.

Treat Yourself to a Special Food

Who doesn’t have fond memories of food? Whether it was the dark roast coffee and donuts you enjoyed in college during all-night study sessions or the mint chocolate-chip ice cream you shared with your dad, enjoying some of your favorite foods from days gone by can make you feel like a kid again. So the next time you go to the grocery store, go ahead and toss those MoonPies in the cart. And as you eat them, savor the taste and reminisce about your youth.

Play a Game

After you’ve had a treat, go burn off the calories outside. You don’t have to run around and “play pretend” to feel young again. Gather your friends for a game of badminton, and let your competitive side shine. Consider buying simple yard games like croquet or cornhole, and perhaps even some bubbles while you are at it. Did you love playing with marbles as a kid? Get those too! You can even host weekly game nights with friends.

Enroll in a Class

Committing to life-long learning can help keep your mind sharp and your spirit young. Give your local library a call to see if they host any classes. Or, you can even pick up a new skill from the comfort of your home by enrolling in online classes through or Skill Share. Watching documentaries and listening to podcasts can also help you learn new things about the world.


What are some of your favorite ways to stay young at heart? If the ideas above don’t speak to you, think about the things you most liked to do as a child. Perhaps you would enjoy watching a local baseball team, playing with Play-Doh, or simply staying up late laughing with a friend. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll find support and encouragement at your retirement community.

Are you looking for an assisted living community in Tennessee? If so, be sure to check out Hearthside Senior Living Place, located in Bartlett, Tennessee. We would be happy to schedule a tour for you so that you can explore the community, meet some of the residents, and ask any questions you might have. For more information, please call 901-854-6590. We look forward to meeting you!

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