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Valentine’s Day Trivia for Seniors

Who doesn’t need a good icebreaker on Valentine’s Day? There’s no better conversation starter than an amazing fun fact or two. You can catch your particular person’s interest with this Valentine’s Day trivia for seniors.

Valentine’s Day Trivia for Seniors

When you think of Valentine’s Day, a heart is probably the first organ that comes to mind. It’s a good holiday for your heart, but it can also benefit your brain. You can expand your knowledge and become the life of the party with some Valentine’s Day trivia for seniors.

Valentine’s Day Traditions

  • Did you know that the infamous King Henry VIII is the father of Valentine’s Day? It was initially celebrated solely as a religious holiday, but he was the one who declared February 14th a national holiday in England, and the tradition quickly spread.
  • Giving your loved one a valentine is a tradition that has been around for over 600 years. The first recorded valentine in history was a letter from the Duke of Orleans to his wife, sent in 1415.
  • Have you ever heard the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve?” That’s a Valentine’s Day tradition from the Middle Ages, where single men and women would wear the name of their hoped-for valentine on their sleeves. Some countries still observe this tradition today.
  • Valentines weren’t always expressions of love. In Victorian England, “vinegar valentines” were decorated with rude illustrations and insults to deter unwanted suitors.

Valentine’s Day Around the World

  • In Japan, women are traditionally the suitors on Valentine’s Day. They buy specially branded “girl chocolates” to give to their loved ones and plan elaborate dinners and other dates too.
  • If you’re from Wales, the best valentine you can get is a hand-carved spoon. Men commonly carve intricate heart-themed spoons for their sweeties as a special occasion gift.
  • If you’re tired of heart-themed imagery, spend your next Valentine’s Day in Germany, where pig-themed valentines and candy are all the rage.
  • If chocolate is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, head to Ghana instead, where February 14th is observed with sweets and candies as a part of National Chocolate Day.

Modern Valentine’s Day Trivia

  • Valentine’s Day is a big day for the greeting card industry, with over 145 million Valentine’s Day cards purchased and sent every year. The only holiday that involves more greeting cards is Christmas.
  • If you’ve ever tried to get a last-minute table at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s the busiest day of the year for the restaurant industry. The only other holiday that comes close is Mother’s Day.
  • Are you having trouble picking a gift for your sweetie? According to a National Confectioner’s Association survey, most people would prefer to receive chocolate instead of flowers on Valentine’s Day. No wonder chocolate makes up 75 percent of all Valentine’s Day candy sold.
  • Who’s the number one recipient of valentines in the United States? Teachers usually receive the most valentines of any profession thanks to classroom valentine exchanges. Well-deserved!


We hope this Valentine’s Day trivia for seniors helps you break the ice with someone new this year. And if you’re looking for a senior living community that supports a vibrant social life for residents, we hope you’ll visit us at Hearthside Senior Living!

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