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Senior Living vs. Nursing Home

Many seniors fear that they will someday be forced into a “home.” The stigma associated with nursing homes is hard to break, but luckily, nursing homes are not your only option. These days, many people are choosing to move into senior living facilities instead. In choosing senior living, not only are these people able to maintain their independence and appease their children’s concerns, but they can also save a lot of money. So if you’ve been debating senior living vs. nursing home care, scroll down to learn a little more about these two viable options. You’ll learn why nursing homes are sometimes necessary, as well as why senior living facilities are so appealing to America’s elderly population.

Senior Living vs. Nursing Home


The daily cost alone for a private-pay nursing home is very unforgiving, especially when compared with a senior living facility. You can save thousands of dollars each month by choosing a senior living facility. In fact, some are less than half the cost of a nursing home!


For those who require a very high level of medical care (similar to the care offered by nurses in a hospital), a nursing home will likely be best. There are nursing homes available that offer 24-hour supervision as well as complex medical services. Residents are helped through every step of their day, if need be. This high level of care is crucial for some seniors, but for others, it’s unnecessary. Plus, it will inevitably cause the price to escalate.

Medical care in senior living facilities, on the other hand, is more affordable but also less comprehensive, so these facilities are better suited to independent seniors. Options are flexible, but most seniors will be offered services like laundry, transportation, and personal care assistance (dressing, bathing, etc). In addition, as opposed to the somewhat sterile and institutional accommodations in a nursing home (which are, again, somewhat hospital-like), the lodgings in a senior living facility are far more “homey” and comfortable.


One of the most crucial differences between nursing homes and senior living facilities is the state of independence. Senior living facilities offer far more freedoms. Independence is encouraged, and active seniors are provided with tools to help them stay active, such as exercise classes and gyms. Plus, there are often large common spaces for residents to socialize, and staff members schedule plenty of activities and events. The stigma of a nursing home should not carry over to senior living, where seniors are encouraged to embrace healthy lifestyles and social lives.

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Although both nursing homes and senior living facilities have their benefits, many seniors find that they are not well-suited to nursing homes. Active, healthy, sociable seniors will find far more benefits in a senior living facility, where they will be encouraged to exercise, make new friends, and enjoy a full and exciting life. If you’re looking for a senior living facility in the Midwest, be sure to check out Hearthside Senior Living Place. Our eight senior living facilities are located in Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. If you would like to take a tour of one of our facilities, please click here.

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