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Organizing Tips for Seniors

Organizing your space can help make your home safe, easy to navigate, and manageable to maintain. Plus, an uncluttered house just feels better and is less overwhelming. If you (or a loved one) are considering taking the steps necessary to organize your life, try a few of our organizing tips for seniors.

Tips on How to Get Started

Organizing your living space might take more than an afternoon. Especially when you’ve been collecting items for 20 years or more, the thought of tackling the job can be overwhelming. But with a little help, you can organize, declutter, and plan a safe furniture layout for your home.

Make a List

To get started, grab paper and a pen, and then walk through your home. Write down anything you see that needs organizing. It’s important not to be overwhelmed by this process. Remember, you don’t have to tackle everything at once. Right now, you’re simply writing down what you want to declutter. You may even ask a friend or family member to walk through the house with you for help. Notice any problem areas and take note. For instance, shoes left in the entryway, an unusually dark hallway, or bulky furniture in a small room, are all obstacles you may want to address.

Plan Out the Project

When you begin tackling this project, start small. Nobody’s going to clean and organize their whole house in one day (unless they have a very small home). So choose one drawer, one closet, or one cabinet in one room to start with. Setting aside time on your calendar can help you stay productive and motivated throughout the process.

Try organizing for an hour or two at a time, and focus only on the small area you’ve decided to organize that day. Be sure to give yourself breaks when needed. Organizing and getting rid of your unused possessions can be challenging, even emotional. But don’t lose heart. Try scheduling time to organize when a friend or loved one can help you. You can even hire a professional organizer that specializes in organizing tips for seniors.

Keep a Checklist for Maintenance

Once your house or living space is organized and rearranged, you may want to make a checklist that will help you maintain the newly organized space. Daily checklists, that you can refer to before going to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning, are a great help. Add checklist items like “pull the plug on electric heater,” “turn on nightlights,” “lock door,” and “take medication.” Going forward, this checklist may do wonders for keeping your items and tasks safely organized.

More Organizing Tips for Seniors

When organizing your home, you want to make sure your rooms are arranged for maximum safety, comfort, and functionality. Additionally, keep a few of these organizing tips for seniors in mind to help with daily maintenance, functionality, and more:

  • Label storage areas for quick identification
  • Make sure vital documents, information, and instructions are stored together and in order
  • Find ways to display or catalog memorabilia and collections
  • Raise stored items to waist height and store items no lower than your upper thigh
  • Clear clutter from steps and entryways
  • Add lights to dark areas like stairways and hallways
  • Hang baskets on your walls near the stairs, so you have a place to hold items that you need to bring up the steps


You can use our roundup of organizing tips for seniors as a starting place to begin decluttering your home, improving its layout, and increasing your safety. But you don’t have to do it alone! Remember to call on your friends, family, or a professional organizer to help you tackle the hard stuff.

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