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Climate of Bartlett

All four seasons have a unique beauty and add variety to life. However, when you’re a senior, it can be difficult to bounce back from harsh weather conditions and frequent changes in the forecast. After all, atmospheric pressure, which changes with the weather, can affect the amount of pressure placed on your joints (source). If you’re looking for a place to retire, climate can have a big impact on your quality of life. Consider moving to Bartlett, Tennessee, for your sunset years. The climate of Bartlett is ideal for seniors who struggle with joint pain but still love the variety of experiencing all four seasons throughout the year.

Climate of Bartlett


Although many people love the idea of a white Christmas, not many people love the idea of driving in snow during late February. Luckily, snow rarely accumulates to more than a light dusting in Bartlett. In January, the temperature usually never falls below 33 degrees Fahrenheit, and the monthly average high is 49 degrees Fahrenheit (source). Although the weather is still cold in the winter, it isn’t as harsh as the climates of Northeastern and Midwestern states. If getting through winter is a struggle for you in Bartlett, just remember spring is around the corner – and it rarely disappoints!


Bartlett comes alive during the spring. As blooming plants and wildlife begin to return, so do the rainy season and the allergy season. On average, it rains 5.2 inches in April, and the pollen count is usually at its highest. Find ways to make the most out of the sunny days and prepare your body for allergy season. Then, get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures, which are typically between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during April and May (source). Don’t forget to pay a visit to one of Bartlett’s beautiful parks.


Do you love to bask in the sun and enjoy days by the pool? You will love summer in Bartlett. If you move to this quaint city, prepare for a warm, dry summer. In fact, the dry season begins in July and lasts until February. The average high in Bartlett in July is 91 degrees Fahrenheit, but between visits to the shaded Wolf River Greenway and trips for shaved iced from Quintessential Sweets, you might find you actually enjoy the heat.


Fall in Bartlett is nature’s reward to you for making it through the hot summer. The fall foliage reaches its prime in mid to late November when the average high is 58 degrees Fahrenheit (source). Bartlett is just a short drive away from Memphis, so grab a pumpkin spice latte and scone from Bluff City Coffee & Bakery and head to the Memphis Botanical Center. Enjoy the beautiful walking trails and views of fall foliage with your coffee in hand. On your walk, try to spot native trees like oaks, maples, dogwoods, and yellow poplars. Soak in the last few days of pleasant weather before winter greets Bartlett once again.


Thanks to the beautiful climate of Bartlett, you can enjoy all four seasons without having to deal with days on end of 100-degree temperatures or even sub-zero temperatures. So if you’re ready to retire, consider setting down your roots in Bartlett, where you can grow herbs in the spring and admire bright leaves in the fall.

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