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Climate of Collierville

John Ruskin, a Victorian-era English art critic, once said, “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, and snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” While Ruskin offers an optimistic and well-said view of the weather, as you age, the weather can actually affect how your body feels. If you’re looking for a place to retire, climate should be a top consideration. Luckily, taking on a positive mindset about the weather like Ruskin is very easy in a place like Collierville, Tennessee. The climate of Collierville is nearly perfect for those who love mild winters with the occasional chance of snow, and warm summers with days fit for the pool.

Climate of Collierville


Maybe you love winter, or maybe you hate it. The winters in Collierville offer something for everyone, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum. On average, Collierville only receives two inches of snow each year, and the temperature usually never falls under 30 degrees Fahrenheit (source). This means you can still enjoy a light dusting of snow and the chance of a white Christmas without worrying about driving on slick, icy roads.


Spring in Collierville is a beautiful time of year. Trees and plants begin to bloom, butterflies and birds migrate back, and gentle rain showers appear. While it does rain quite a bit in the spring (5.2 inches in April on average), it only helps to lower the pollen count, which is usually high thanks to the beautiful blooms. The average forecast for a day in April is 72 degrees Fahrenheit with a few inches of rain (source). You can count on several beautiful days in the spring to gaze at native wildflowers, like goldenrods and wisteria.


Just like with winter, people typically fall into two camps when it comes to loving summer. The summers are pretty hot in Collierville. If you decide to make the move, get ready for sunny days on the Wolf River. The average high in Collierville in July and August is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but our town offers great ways to cool down. Herb Parsons Lake is a shaded retreat, making it the perfect place to have an early morning picnic before the day gets too hot. Or, embrace the sun and go on a canoe ride.


Collierville is beautiful in the fall. You can expect the fall foliage to be at its prime in mid to late November, when the average high is 62 degrees Fahrenheit and the average rainfall is at its lowest (source). Take a lakeside walk in W.C. Johnson Park, or soak in the last days of golf season at Spring Creek Ranch. You’ll spot a range of colorful leaves, from yellow to red, thanks to the abundance of bald cypress, American elm, and water oak trees. Whatever you do, make sure to spend a lot of time outside before the weather gets cold again in December.


Thanks to the beautiful climate of Collierville, you can enjoy all four seasons without having to deal with days on end of 100-degree temperatures or even sub-zero temperatures. So if you’re ready to retire, consider setting down your roots in Collierville, where you can grow herbs in the spring and admire bright leaves in the fall.

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