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Benefits of Volunteering for Seniors

Volunteering is an incredible way to connect with your community. Serving others can make a real difference in people’s lives, and volunteers (whether young or old) often find that they, too, have gained something from the experience. There are numerous benefits of volunteering for seniors that you might not realize. Read on to discover how this experience can contribute to a happier, healthier life with real purpose.

Benefits of Volunteering for Seniors

1. New Friendships

In serving others in your community, you will undoubtedly expand your social circle. Whether it’s the individuals you’re serving, staff members at the organization, or simply fellow volunteers, you will meet lots of new faces. The best part is that you all have an interest in making your community a better place to live, so these new relationships are bound to quickly become friendships.

2. More Activity

If you volunteer, you will likely need to be on your feet a bit more. You don’t even have to volunteer somewhere where you’ll be standing on your feet and walking around (in fact, that might not be such a good idea for some seniors). The act of volunteering itself will likely require you to leave your home and go somewhere in town. Doing so can improve your health; those who are more active feel better physically. And leading a more active lifestyle isn’t just beneficial to your physical health; staying active also boosts your emotional and mental well-being. Suffice it to say, seniors who get up and move around more lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

3. Feeling Rewarded

Imagine seeing the smile on a child’s face after you’ve read to him or hearing a genuine “thank you” from a woman at a soup kitchen. It feels good to do good. Volunteering can truly make a difference in another person’s life. Whether you’re volunteering in a food bank, a children’s center, an animal shelter, or another nonprofit, you’re making a positive impact by giving your time. There’s no denying that feels rewarding. Every time you volunteer, you’re bound to come away with a sense of pride. This can brighten your day, but it can also evolve into higher self-esteem overall.

4. A Sense of Purpose

Those rewarding feelings often deepen into a greater sense of purpose. As we age, our lifestyle changes greatly from what it once was. We retire from our jobs (which we’ve sometimes been with for a great number of years, even decades), and we’re often unable to do some of the things we used to love. This can be hard for a person. Volunteering — serving a mission larger than yourself — can give seniors back that sense of purpose. This, too, leads to greater happiness and better mental health.


It doesn’t matter how you want to volunteer, just that you do. There’s no wrong way to give back. No matter where or whom you choose to serve, the benefits of volunteering for seniors abound.

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