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Unique Hobbies to Try in Your Senior Years

One of the many blessings of retirement is that we have lots of free time for relaxation and fun. Although you could try a popular hobby, like reading, fishing, photography, or gardening, don’t limit yourself to these conventional ideas. Think outside the box! Try something new! And if you’re struggling to find the perfect pursuit, scroll down to explore some unique hobbies to try in your senior years.

Unique Hobbies to Try in Your Senior Years


If you enjoy a bit of adventure in your life, try geocaching. Not only will it provide exercise and a mental challenge, but also it’ll get you out in the great outdoors! To get started, all you need to do is download the geocaching app. Then, search for geocaches near you, pick one, and follow the directions to find it. It’s like a treasure hunt! Typically, you’re asked to leave the item (the cache) there, but you might be asked to sign a guestbook and it can be fun to take a photo with the item to document your success. If you’ve always loved scavenger hunts and you’re up for a bit of walking, geocaching might be the ideal hobby for you.

Rock Balancing

Okay, this hobby may sound strange, but just roll with it. If you enjoy nature and a bit of a puzzle, consider rock balancing. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Simply grab some small rocks (from your garden, a nearby stream, a park, etc.) and attempt to balance them on top of each other. This hobby requires focus and creativity, and if you do it outside, you’ll enjoy the calming benefits of nature as well.

Learning a New Language

Have you always regretted giving up French after taking classes in high school? Are you interested in learning more Spanish that you can confidently order at your favorite Mexican restaurant? Would you like to learn some Russian so that you can feel connected with your ancestors? Learning a new language is difficult, but there are a wealth of tools available these days to make the process easier and way more fun than it used to be. For example, you could find an online tutor on a site like Verbling or iTalki, you could download an app like Duolingo, you could use the award-winning Rosetta Stone program, or you could start watching more TV shows and movies in your chosen language! It’s never too late to improve your foreign language skills.


If you’re someone who adores looking up at the night sky, your hobby could be to embrace that sense of wonder you get gazing up at the stars. Purchase a decent telescope and explore books about astronomy. Learn about upcoming astronomical events. You could also see if there’s a local astronomy club near you. For example, our Hearthside seniors could check out the Memphis Astronomical Society.


Writing isn’t just a practical activity; it’s also an art. Not only is calligraphy beautiful and creative, but also it can be incredibly relaxing. Check out books on calligraphy and online tutorials to hone your craft. When you’ve gained some skills, consider putting them to good use. You could send a letter to a friend, create beautiful Christmas and birthday cards, or write out (and then frame) your favorite inspirational quote.


There are so many unique hobbies to try in your sunset years that we’re really just scratching the surface. Have you always wanted to try ballroom dancing or table tennis or even beekeeping? Now is the time. What have you got to lose?

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