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Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer can be a magical time. Do you remember how much fun it was to run through sprinklers and chase fireflies as a kid? You may not run as fast now, but getting older doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fantastic summertime. Plus, getting some exercise and socializing while you enjoy a fresh summer breeze can improve your physical and mental health. If you’re not sure how to take advantage of the warm weather, check out our list of summer activities for seniors for inspiration.

Summer Activities for Seniors

Take a Swim

We can’t talk about summer activities for seniors without mentioning swimming. So if you have access to a pool, take advantage of it! Enjoy a cool, relaxing swim with a friend. You could even start a new exercise program in the pool; low-impact water aerobics is an ideal workout for seniors with arthritis or mobility problems.

Become a Bird Watcher

With just a few online searches, YouTube videos, or library books, you can become a novice bird watcher. If you’ve overlooked these fascinating creatures all of your life, take some time now to appreciate their beauty and variety. Place a bird feeder or birdbath near a window, so that you can enjoy your feathered friends even when it’s too hot to go outdoors. Finally, be sure to get a great pair of binoculars!

Join or Start a Book Club

Book clubs provide both social and intellectual stimulation, and they don’t have to end when summer is over. If you can’t find or access a local book club, find a few like-minded readers in your area and organize your own. Be sure to choose exciting books to spark animated conversations.

Embrace Gardening

Whether you have a green thumb or not, try growing your own garden. You could grow flowers, of course, but also consider easy fruits, vegetables, or herbs. For example, with a little knowledge and knowhow, anyone can grow basil or tomatoes. If you don’t have access to garden beds or find outdoor gardening too strenuous (and hard on your knees), create a little garden on your windowsill.

Start a Walking Routine

Simple though it may be, walking is an excellent form of exercise no matter what your age. It can boost your mood and help banish stress while strengthening your muscles. If you need motivation, join (or form) a walking group and make your walking routine a social event.

Find a Senior Center

Senior centers offer many opportunities for fun, including craft groups, exercise programs, field trips, and more. Locate your local senior center to explore the services, activities, and events they offer. Your retirement community may be able to provide transportation to the center.

Relive Your Childhood

Summer is the perfect time to act like a kid again. Think about all the little things that you loved about summer as a child. Then, take some time to enjoy the sensations, smells, and sights of summer. Take off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes. Eat a juicy slice of watermelon. Catch fireflies after dusk. You’re never too old to experience these little joys of summer!

Plan a Sunrise Party

Are you an early bird? Plan to get up just a bit earlier than usual to enjoy a sunrise party. Spend an early morning with fresh coffee, pastries, and dear friends while you watch the sun rise. This is a wonderful way to reflect on the beauty and majesty of summer.


Embrace the warm weather while it lasts by enjoying some of these summer activities for seniors. A few months from now, bundled up in your coat and scarf, you will be glad that you did!

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