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Parks in Collierville

Collierville, Tennessee, is home to over 20 community, regional, and neighborhood parks. Over 750 acres total are dedicated to parkland, and another 362 acres are dedicated to natural areas. Our parks offer a variety of activities, including 15 play structures, 30 athletic fields, and nearly 20 miles of greenbelt trails. There are many charming parks in Collierville, and they are all dedicated to serving the health and happiness of our community.

Parks in Collierville

Parks in Collierville have a great deal to offer. Their amenities range from tennis courts and athletic fields to walking trails and wide-open spaces. Additionally, our parks work to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the area as well as the history of the community. Natural beauty, a sense of play, and community involvement are what make Collierville what it is, and our parks work to preserve that spirit.

Town Square

Located at the center of Collierville, Town Square is charming and picturesque, and its walkways make for a lovely stroll. During your walk through Town Square, you can enjoy some beautiful scenery, including an antique-style clock, cast-iron fences, and a reconstruction of a log cabin built and used during the antebellum period. In the spirit of the town’s history, the Collierville Depot and the Executive Train Car are located in the Town Square as well. These exhibits were both once fully functional, and their use dates back as far as the 19th century. Additionally, Town Square is home to a community bandstand. Both residents and nonresidents can rent power and cleanup for the bandstand.

H.W. Cox Park

H.W. Cox Park offers perhaps the greatest variety of entertainment of the parks in Collierville. It features a four-field baseball complex, as well as several other athletic fields, playgrounds, batting cages, and lighted tennis courts. This park is also home to the Harrell Performing Arts Theatre, DAC Fitness Club, and the Collierville Community Center. Additionally, the park features a pavilion available for rent. The facility can be reserved for up to a full day and can comfortably hold 100+ people.

Robbins-Halle Nature Preserve

Collierville is committed to conservation. The Robbins-Hale Nature Preserve showcases this dedication. The area constitutes nearly 100 acres of trees and waterways. The park also contains an aquifer recharge area. Future plans for this area include creating trails that connect to the Wolf River Wildlife Corridor and the Collierville Greenbelt system. More trails are scheduled for completion by the end of 2016.

Suggs Spray Park

Suggs is one of two water spray parks in Collierville. The water area is about the size of a basketball court, and two touchstone poles activate the numerous spray stations. During warm months, the park is open six days a week. An automatic timer shuts down the water overnight. This attraction is free for all residents and is very kid-friendly. After playing in the water, you and the kids can dry off in one of Suggs Spray Park’s open green spaces or have lunch in one of the picnic areas. This park is a fabulous, inexpensive option for a full day of fun with family.


The parks in Collierville have a great deal to offer. Whether you’re looking for some quiet time alone or a place to play with your grandkids, you can find what you need. This just goes to show what an active, engaging community Collierville is. We here at Hearthside Senior Living are happy to call Collierville home. If you would like to see for yourself, we would love to show you around. Explore our services and amenities, or contact us online to set up a tour. We look forward to hearing from you!

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