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How to Declutter Your Home

Whether it’s downsizing before a move or simply making more room in the house, many seniors will, at some point, need to declutter their homes. Often, organizing your living space can seem like a big, even overwhelming project. We acquire so many things over the years, many of which we love, and it can be hard to even know where to start. Learning how to declutter your home before you begin will make tidying up much easier as you go.

How to Declutter Your Home

Have a Goal in Mind.

What will your home or living space look like after decluttering? Thinking about your goal before you begin will give you an idea of where to start and stop in organizing. This also involves knowing what kinds of things you want to get rid of. For example, you might want to focus on donating clothes to trim down your closet, or perhaps you want fewer knick-knacks crowding your shelves and tables.

Recruit Help.

Decluttering requires a lot of focus and movement. That can be tiring — especially for seniors. Consider having someone help you organize your space. You can hire a professional service to do the work for you, of simply ask your friends or loved ones if they can give you a hand. In more serious cases, like hoarding, having someone’s support is even more essential.

Sort It Out.

This is a tried-and-true method for tidying. Set aside three bags or storage bins. One is for things to keep, one for things to throw away, and one for things to donate. One room (or even just one part of a room) at a time, go through your things and decide in which bag to place each item. Little by little, you’ll downsize your belongings without too much stress.

Make a Commitment.

This is one of the most important parts in learning how to declutter your home: Recognize that you’ll be disposing of and donating a lot of items. It can be hard to get rid of your belongings, especially if they have meant a lot to you. But trinkets that have been in the back of a closet for years aren’t serving much of a purpose — they’re just adding to the clutter. Do your best to consider what’s bringing you joy now, and make a commitment to throw out or donate what isn’t.

This is another reason it’s good to have help, be it a professional, a friend, or a relative. They can help you make hard choices and take care of the items to donate or throw away immediately. It’s best to get rid of these items as soon as you have them sorted, because if you wait, there’s a chance they’ll wind up right back in your closet.

Be Patient with Yourself.

Again, organizing your home can be tiring. Don’t try to declutter your entire space in one day. Instead, set aside smaller chunks of time. It doesn’t matter how much time you set aside — whether it’s ten minutes or a full two hours — as long as you do it regularly. As you keep up the work, you’ll notice more and more space in your home. That means more room for yourself, your family or friends, and the things you really need.

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