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Assisted Living Trends 2015

Who says you have to be young to be hip to the trends? Trends reflect the general direction to which something is changing, and they’re used to analyze a variety of industries and fields, from fashion and music to politics and education. Exploring trends is a great way to reflect on the past, remain mindful in the present, and predict the future. Although trends in the senior housing industry are constantly changing, today we’re going to take a look at assisted living trends 2015. Before you scroll down, take a moment to contemplate the current state of assisted living. What changes have you seen recently? What shifts do you foresee on the horizon? Perhaps most importantly, where do you want to see changes in the future?

Assisted Living Trends 2015


As more and more adults reach retirement, including the great generation of baby boomers, the assisted living industry is expanding. By 2030, seniors are expected to make up 20% of the U.S. population (source), and according to Long-Term Living Magazine, the assisted living market is growing at an annual rate of 7.6% (source). Seniors need quality healthcare services and facilities, and the occupancy level for senior housing is expected to steadily increase. Plus, as these numbers rise, senior housing lifestyles are gaining acceptance and losing the stigma they held in years past.


The demand for senior housing options in urban locations is increasing. This is unusual, but it may reflect seniors’ desire to remain in a vibrant and active community and to stay near their families. Although many retirees wish to move to cities, suburban locations are still most common. They offer a relaxed atmosphere, lower development costs, and cheaper land.


First, as technology progresses, expect to see innovative new machines performing tasks that were once completed solely by humans. For example, small and convenient medical alert systems are a great way for residents to quickly get the care they need. Technology will also play a role in the amenities offered by senior housing facilities. As more and more adults reach retirement age, more and more “seniors” will be educated in and reliant upon technology. Many assisted living communities currently offer a variety of electronics (laptops, desktops, video games like Nintendo Wii), but expect to see even more gadgets and gizmos in the future.


As the elderly population expands and the industry expands with it, you can expect to see a greater range of choices. These choices will reflect the requests of certain consumers, who want a retirement community that reflects their lifestyle. For example, you may see assisted living facilities that emphasize eco-friendliness, healthy living, or lifelong learning. These niche housing communities won’t be as common as traditional all-rounders, but they may start to pop up in certain areas of the country.

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