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Assisted Living Packing List

Packing for a move to a retirement community can be tricky. Will your new home be similar to an apartment? Can you bring everything in your house to your new abode? Will you need to move your furniture as well? Although retirement communities vary in their size and accommodations, today we’re discussing what you generally need to consider as you plan this big move. We’ve created an assisted living packing list, which you can use or ignore as you like. And of course, we also recommend that you discuss your assisted living packing list with the staff at your new facility to ensure that you do bring everything necessary but don’t overdo it.

Assisted Living Packing List

1. Furniture. Most assisted living facilities do not provide furniture, so you’ll need to bring the basics. This might include a bed, a nightstand, a sofa or armchair, a small dining table, a chair, and a dresser.

2. Housewares. Although most eating will be done in the dining room, you will probably still want to have kitchen supplies. Consider packing dishes, glasses, a coffeemaker, a serving dish, utensils, etc. You will also need a number of home products, such as a lamp, bedding, bath towels, clothes hangers, cleaning products, and a trash can.

3. Clothes and Personal Items. If your closet is already bursting, consider bringing only your favorite clothing items to your retirement community. You’ll need all of the essentials, including tops, bottoms, pajamas, underwear, socks, shoes, jackets, and a coat. Try to choose items that are appropriate and comfortable. You will also, of course, need to pack necessary health and financial items, like toiletries, medication, and a storage box with all of your important paperwork.

4. Decor. To make your new apartment feel more like home, bring along home furnishings that you find attractive or meaningful. These could include photographs, artwork, a plant, curtains, pillows, clocks, vases, or blankets.

5. Entertainment. What do you like to do for fun? Be sure that you pack the electronics or supplies that you’ll need for your favorite hobbies. For example, a TV, a DVD player, movies, a radio, board games, a computer, books, cards, art supplies, or sewing supplies.


  • Overall, be prepared to leave behind quite a few things. Your new living space will likely be smaller than your current home, so you won’t have the space to fit everything. Plus, if you have fewer items, your room will be less cluttered and easier to clean.
  • We don’t advise that you bring large-scale furniture, expensive jewelry, loose rugs, a collection of knickknacks, or clothes that you rarely wear. If you do bring expensive jewelry, valuables, or other private items, please bring a small safe.
  • Measure your new space before you make your assisted living packing list to ensure that everything will fit. It’s incredibly frustrating to lug something heavy from place to place only to find that it won’t fit through the door!

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